Impossible to join Assault. Ground Arcade

I don’t know If It’s just me or a bug but when I queue to join AGA, there is no indication of how many players are in queue.

Capture d'écran 2024-07-09 224221
Capture d'écran 2024-07-09 224239


That’s been rampant over the last few days. You just have to wait, at some point there will be either a battle or a numbers update.

somehow all servers dont have AGA its a server issue i think

Same issue happen to me starting July 20th (it takes like 7 mins to pair a team), but in July 21th, I paired like 20 mins and still didnt make to a single match. Hope gainjin fix this bug ASAP !!!

Yeah busted again. 90K online 12K in battles(?!?) but zero want to play assaults…

Gaijin knows everything, they even admit the AAB is not a bug, they just want you pay for that, now this gone to all PVE mode, so that no one could make EXP from PVE model