Impossible kill shots that must be bugs

So, I’m in battle, hidden behind a some heavy duty, not destructible stonework, but I get killed by a shot that passed through the stonework - and it wasn’t ping or lag as I’d been sat there for in excess of ten seconds - this must be a bug in the mechanics that needs to be addressed.

I’ve uploaded a couple of screenshots that show vehicle position behind the stonework and the impact point of the round that killed the vehicle… can’t see how the physics of this can be right, hence my thought that this is fundamental flaw/bug.

If you aren’t aware, the kill cam isn’t reliable, and you’ve always got to watch the server replay to get a genuine ‘How’d they get me from there?’ from looking at it from thier view (;)

Killcam shows where they are currently as the basis of the shot origin, and they may have rolled back into cover, or the angle of the shot may be unclear to you because the camera angle hasn’t favored seeing the true path of that shot.

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This isn’t kill cam - these are screenshots captured after the kill - the Panther that got me as coming in on the opposite side of the square - but a good tip - I’ll watch the playback before pushing further :-)

And that, is the killcam telling you that’s where they were, and as I said the camera angle may be unable to show it to you right, so you NEED to look at the SERVER REPLAY because that’ll allow you to watch where that guy shot from, and where you genuinely got hit at…

But yea, just keep that server replay in mind, it is a very useful tool, and will actually help you see where they came from, where they went and what part of you got hit for you to counter next time.

This will help you out more as you see more. It just sucks that it’s not rewindable compared to the local replays when you have the ‘rewind’ option enabled.

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Thanks for the tip - the replay does show how the attacker got the shot… and I guess he was just lucky :-)


Wonderful, happy hunting and more rewarding matches to you :)