Impossible awakening the volcano challenge

Currently I am trying to complete the battlepass challenge awakening the volcano, I found the ground and naval component fair to acomplish.
Next came the hell of air AB and here are the problems:

  1. It is rare to matchmake into a map with cap points.
  2. Ground vehicles are often all destroyed by bombers, leaving none to destroy for the challenge.
  3. Often caps can only be achieved within the first 30 seconds of the game, as you cannot fight off players whilst trying to cap.

I don’t think this challenge is fair and relies heavily on matchmaking RNG.

To fix this the dev could.

  1. Remove the AIR AB component.
  2. Remove the need to cap and increase the kills required, this would also allow the challenge to be completed in AIR RB.
  3. Change the current matchmaking to boost the amount of matches with caps in them.
  4. Allow players to select maps only with caps.

Lots of other threads on this - basically yeah it’s more difficult than many of hte challenges, but you don’t have to complete them all to get all 3 vehicles, so chill.

That’s right, you do not … but getting to the higher levels to unlock more coupons and war bonds is hampered if you don’t get all 14 challenges completed. The fact that there is no RB Air version is the main complaint because with Air AB, you’re at the mercy of a poor map rotation because it can only be completed in one game mode: Domination, which is the 2nd most uncommon game mode.

Yep - ther are limits on how high you can get based on ability to complete challenges, and how far up the tree you are… like always.