Importing old forum suggestions here

Before you guys think that my idea is to copy and paste suggestions and take all credit, hear me out.
I think we should wait untill the old forum has only 1 month before getting deleted, then we import the old suggestions to here. This gives the OP’s time to transfer their own suggestion here. If OP has quit the forums or the game, we should respect their hard work and research by crediting them in the suggestion. I have this idea because I dont want all the suggestions and hard work in the old forum going to waste.

So if we are going to import a suggestion from old forums, we should do this:
This suggestion was from the old forum, credited to XYZ.
paste their suggestion here

Let me know your opinions on this and your moral stance on this idea. I know this may be controversial , so the more opinions the better.

What do you think?
  • Do it NOW!!!
  • I think it is best to wait for OP. And if there is only 1 month left, import their suggestion with credit to them
  • No, this is not good.

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I dont know where to put this topic, so I just gonna pop it in general discussions.

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No need → old forum already is in the Gaijin Data,…

U sure? I thought they were deleting the whole thing after 2 years.

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Not a bad idea.

Well then the idea would be good in 2 years,… but there is also plenty of suggestions that are exactly the same vehicule.

I mean,… vehicules suggestions is not necessary to get on this forum for now.

And gameplay/economy/balance/maps ones, are all out-dated by now, due to recent changes.

The sad thing is that a lot of file, link and pic from the old forum didn’t load…