IMAM Romeo Ro.57.

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IMAM Romeo Ro.57.


The IMAM Romeo Ro.57 was a fighter aircraft produced by the company Industrie Meccaniche Aeronautiche Meridionali SpA (IMAM). The idea is the result of the same competition announced by the Regia Aeronautica in February 1936 (the same one in which the unfortunate Ba.88 and the C.R.25 participated). This aircraft was to represent IMAM’s entry into the aeronautical field. However, the project was immediately modified, orienting the designs towards hunting rather than assault, so much so that the final prototype, presented in Guidonia in May 1939, was devoid of any bombing equipment and also did not have airbrakes, and the tail wheel was retractable. The plane was very light thanks to its structure made up of many tubes and had average armament compared to contemporary Italian fighters, however the plane did not arouse much interest among the high command of the Regia Aeronautica. The technicians proposed transforming the Ro.57 into a dive bomber, but this proposal also did not arouse interest. It was only in 1941, faced with the clear failure of the Breda Ba.88, that the Regia Aeronautica decided to resume the project and strengthen it by requesting the transformation of the aircraft into a complete assault aircraft. Thus was born the Ro.57bis, from which the Ro.57 Quadriarma arose following various modifications to further enhance the offensive possibilities of the aircraft. Although they didn’t like the plane, over 70 examples were built, of which none participated in war action due to delays in training and the destruction of the planes by bombing.

Armaments and propulsion.

The aircraft was armed with two 12.7 mm Breda-SAFAT machine guns with 580 rounds per gun. Since it was designated as a pure fighter, there were no bombs or other drop weapons.
The plane was powered by two Fiat A.74 RC.38 Ciclone engines with 840 hp, which could push the plane up to a maximum speed of 516 km/h.



Length: 8.80 m
Wingspan: 12.50 m
Height: 2.90 m
Wing surface area: 23.00 m²
Engine: 2x Fiat A.74 RC.38 radials, 840 hp each
Maximum speed: 516 km/h
Tangency: 9,300 m
Armament: 2x 12.7 mm Breda-SAFAT
Maximum weight: 4,055 kg

Pictures and drawnings.






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IMAM Ro.57


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