Imagine the world without SL

SL is gone…
By playing the game you only earn RP and when a vehicle is researched, it is ready to use.

(and now, the revolution)
To enter the battle, you have to use a battle token. Like in mobile games.
You are getting the tokens passively one every single hour and you can amass maximum 5 of them.
You can get additional token by performing well in battle, be it a score, RP gain, daily task, whatever, and play another game.
Ratio of how many tokens you get can be tweaked by up/down tiers; vehicle, ammo used (more efficient vehicle or better ammo will grant less progress toward new token) and such.
Tokens are taken away when teamkilling.
PVE is free, but you cant earn token there

What it does?

  • it removes most of the bots, as they will have hard time to earn additional tokens and with 5 battles a day they will not be as appealing.
  • no need to introduce captcha.
  • it removes toxic and bad players. they can vent and train in PVE or wait for an hour.
  • it removes idiotic repair costs
  • building proper lineups and moving vehicles between the slots will not bankrupt players
  • crew slots are awarded by going up the ranks, level 100 player will have all the slots available.
  • grind is still there
  • premium vehicles are still usefull for research
  • GE is still needed for decoration, ‘free RP’, crew skills maybe? purchases
    - Gaijin will still make money and the playerbase will be much healthier