I'm worried about the planned rework on APHE shells

Not much reason for it to, wouldn’t be much more effective than it is now. It’d just be brought in line with the stuff they face.

Large filler APHE shell should produce a greater amount but lighter fragments, that spread out with more radial velocity e.g. generate a wider cone.

The residual velocity of the shell should be accounted for, as bigger it is, tighter the fragment cone.

APHE will usually fail to burst after beign shot aganst relatively thick and/or sloped target, as it either damages the explosive cavity or pops out the fuze. Those with smaller cavity are generally more resistant to damage.

I would prefer if they buffed the other rounds rather than nerfing APHE, for reasons of gameplay flow. But yeah.

I’m very curious to see what the new BRs will look like if the nerf is implemented. Vehicles that artificially overperform thanks to APHE will very likely go down in BR.

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The current BRs are based on how the vehicles currently perform. If the killing power of APHE is reduced, this will result in new stats, which will lead to new BRs.

Well, it’s kinda funny how HESH was basically just APHE that exploded immediatly, when introduced, but then Gaijin was like “wait, that’s not how HESH works. It should only spall to the normal of the plate”.
But somehow they never thought about how APHE shouldn’t explode in a 360° sphere like it has no momentum.

Almost like they are only interested in making things work like in RL when it suits them.

I mean look at the Cent Mk 3 or FV4202. They used to be like 5.7/6.0 back then, now they are 7.3 and 7.7. Since it didn’t suit them to move them up in BR back then they just nerfed their damage but somehow APHE was never a problem.

Overpressure and things like 30mm and 40mm SAPHE even take it to the extreme with how rediculous they are.

How about we don’t need to play whack a mole to kill the crew? That solves 90% of balance issues with ammunition. How would a tank even fight when a 75mm AP round just penetrated the turret front or side of a tank?

I mean what’s the point? Imagine top tier, everyone just slinging darts at each other.
You shoot first, pen but the enemy survies and kills you in return.
How is that fun? If everyone just can point and cklick there’s no problem, its just about skill.

They now model more components so that you at least damage something in vehicles with no armor but why would that be necessary? In 90% of times you can be sure that you’re round would disable the vehicle.

In RL: PT-76 kills a Panther from any range with HEAT-FS.
In WT: 5.3 BR and when you shoot the gun mantlet the HEAT-FS is stopped 50% of the time or just kills one or two crews.

In RL that thing would kill Tiger IIs with ease with a round to the turret but in WT it’s all about crews tanking hits and repairing components that should have disabled the tank.

Of course there’s also instances where you can penetrate a tank with HEAT-FS and deal practically no damage, but just because it can happen doesn’t mean that those hits that do destroy components should just disable the tank for 30s until its repaired.

This hasn’t been changed after all this time, because, gameplay-wise, the “play whack-a-mole” mini-game with crew members adds new sources of dopamine for the player’s brain.

Yes I’m sure they’ll mess up the main ammunition type of the most coddled nation in the game lmao

Never underestimate Gaijin.

Also Russia isn’t the only nation to heavily rely on APHE.

I wasn’t talking about Russia :^)

Nah, no world where APHE still isn’t king of all round types, but buffing every other round would make a lot of balancing problems where this makes it much more streamlined. Sure, some other rounds need buffed (HESH, APCR) but those have to be done on their own.

Found this on the old forum:

The only real advantage of APHE against solid shots was inevitable fragmentation. Solid shot, when penetrating smaller armor, could go intact, as one piece, through the tank, and leave on the other side. Especially side shots.

Seems like a good point.

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Why? At this moment, aphe is only type of shell that works logically and fairly.

APHE currently generates a sphere on detonation. IRL it generates a cone. Its FAR surpassing its IRL effectiveness. IRL many nations didn’t bother with APHE because AP was just as effective.

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That is good, tanks get one tapped too often. Watch some historic footage, tanks take 2-3 shots to disable.

It’d be nice if APHE wasn’t a ball, but still did far more damage (as it SHOULD) than solid shot and APDS.

APCR also deserves to be improved, should perform a lot more like APDS.

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In real life the PT-76 would never meet a Panther or Tiger 2 because it was 10 years out of date.

Has the voting already started or even ended?

Can anybody check if you can disable/damage the engine of a Pz.IV by shooting 17pdr solid shot at it’s driver’s plate? Does the solid shot fragments after perforating the 80mm frontal plate or does it go all the way through the tank?

With Full AP I have shot an enemy in the front quite a few times, with the bullet passing through all the crew members, without killing any of them and only breaking the engine, and of course me dying, since the tank only had damage to the engine.

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Idk, France used Panthers after WW2. Israel had Pz IV, afaik.
Many WW2 vehicles, like the T-34-85, were used long after WW2.

ASU-57 is from the 1950s and the only thing that makes it 4.3 is that is only has 57mm APHE as it’s main damage dealing round.

It’s the same deal with the L3/33 CC, it wouldn’t be nearly as bad as it is, if it didn’t have the worst damage imaginable.

In Poland similiar tankettes knocked out a few Pz IVs while in WT the chance of that happening is extremely slim since they can just turn around, show their front armor and repair any damage.

Not only do some vehicles have to deal with low penetration but then you also have the problem of not inflicting enough damage to even destroy the target without being at risk of getting killed in return due to low damage.