I'm worried about the planned rework on APHE shells

I have heard of Gaijin messing up solid shot and sabot before, so I’m worried they will mess up APHE as well.


Every new feature is reason for concern.


Or they will make all APHE act like the swedish ones now, and instead of being a ball. Its a actual cone.

Because for some reason Swedish APHE doesent explode in a ball? like every other nation. So id see this a win, if it is the case ofc.


I think a slight nerf to APHE is a good idea, but it shouldn’t be made only a small bit better than solid shot.

Solid shot and APDS also need a buff.


Yep, ive noticed that Solid munitions (not APFSDS) Never, ever, Spall. Also if anything gaijin should add spall bouncing. So we have a more fair fight!

It couldn’t be any more screwed up than it already is.

APHE nerf has been needed for years to rebalance all the other round types that are FAR inferior across almost the entire 1.0-7.0 BR ranges


APHE deserves to be brought in-line. Overdue.


Everything but APHE shouldn’t be complete garbage though, HESH, HEAT, HEATFS, APCR, APDS all tends to be ass nowadays, and even though they finally stopped giving top tier vehicles stock heatfs, they still have the previous top tier vehicles stuck with it putting them in an even worse position.


We should be concerned. New features turn out to be poorly implemented or forgotten after launch.


If it were accurate, solid shot should be brought up to having decent post pen effects, and APHE would generally be similar post pen damage, just more consistent.

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Or maybe just… rebalance the othe

APHE being ‘op’ isnt actually it being OP, its the other ammo choices being dogshit.

If it gets cut to their level we will all have to deal with bad ammo, and quite frankly most tanks will need significant BR changes.

The ammo types should be sidegrades to each other, about the same in effectiveness (-HEAT and APCR, since HEAT-FS and APDS are just flat out better)

Like- AP should have better damage then aphe within its spall cone, while APHE gets the boom sphere.

HEAT should be good at just straight-up pen and be good at starting fires.

HESH would be very good against angled armor

It would be actual balance.

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I dont think being accurate is good for the game, however. I want it to be balanced and fir there to be variety, I dont want AP and APHE to feel the same.

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You really should not challenge the Snail like that.


It’d be better for the game as it wouldn’t shaft already shafted nations further.

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I mean…
It would mess up the whole BRs we have rn tbh

I doubt it, there’d be a few exceptions, as there will be exceptions if we tweak anything. Better to do it properly and fix issues across the board than do it wrong and have to do it right later.

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90% of british stuff would go up, can guarantee it.

I mean mini nukes from Fallout have less damage. I’d love to see them brought down more than a few notches so other shell types can be viable for once.

Solid shot Spall but spalling is absorbed by everything it touches. Don’t shoot into modules as they will take up all the shrapnel. Aim for a central position with the least obstructed path to the most crew. This give the spalling time to develop a cone and will one shot tanks.

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