I'm sick and tired of fighting tanks from the 60, 70s and even 80s at 7.7 br

I will start this off by saying, try playing 7.7 in any nation and you will find yourself up tiered every 1-3 games. I believe there needs to be changes to what vehicles that we should be facing at certain BR brackets, Not just because every few matches you will find yourself fighting a vehicle 10x more advanced than yours; but because it makes playing certain BRs where large technological advancement takes place within the next tier VERY, very unfun. The ability to be Uptiered at 7.7 especially I think should not be a thing, Vehicles should fight what they were made to fight. Sure, this would make certain vehicles better than others and not entirely “balanced” but it is perfectly acceptable for WW2 era vehicles to fight each other; this is because every vehicle is at the same stage of technology and not 20-30 years ahead of time. I make this post because I wish to suggest a system, a system of ERA and balancing. for example, vehicles developed during WW2 would be in a ERA where vehicles are placed at a battle rating like now; but they are only able to face vehicles from that time frame that they are placed in. you may ask, how would this work for vehicles like the M22 locust from 1944. would it have to fight a tiger 2? no, it would be just like now. there would be no significant changes until after the WW2 era, I suggest implementing a System to make it impossible for the average player who tries to play a IS-3 for example not able to fight a tank like the IKV-91-105 (a vehicle from 1983) I wrote this in a bit of a rush and I will make another post about this but way more fleshed out with a graph, peace

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War Thunder is not capable of balancing cold war technology without restricting access to nations.

If you want historical battles simulator is the only option available to you.

Ngl just recently played 8.7 Sweden and all I was getting is constant uptiers. Even back in old 7.7 it was always upteirs.

every BR is riddled with it, It is making it nearly impossible for people to grind without a top tier premium. I do not have the ability to keep grinding after dying 4 times to an 8.7 that makes my armor look like nothing

I have tried playing simulator, it wasn’t entirely bad. but there is barely anyone that plays it and I don’t always wish to try super hard at a video game, you cannot relax on simulator battles.

Seems like WT isn’t the place for you, that’s constantly what it is if you have bad luck like me.

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