Im I going insane?

This has probably been said a bajillion times at this point. The Object 120 is the biggest waste EVER the snail cant find a secure BR for it and now after the update im getting up tiered by 9.0-9.7s every game. Its a glass cannon in a game that hates a glass cannon. I get put in games where almost everyone else has LRFs and im sitting here with the slowest reload and no armour at all. What the hell.

It was severely undertiered at 7.3 with a round good enough to frontally pen most top tier MBTs and a ton of spalling. It might go back down to 7.7 but pretending the old 7.3 was fine is pants on head.

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Well, at least it’s a glass cannon, 8.0 onwards armor has become irrelevant, T-55 can’t take more than one hit against other 8.0s, T-10M doesn’t have much armor anything that hits it but doesn’t kill it will cripples it to the point where it become toothless, but these things doesn’t hit as hard as the Object 120 and they may survive autocannons frontally but the rest of the things kill them as easily as they could kill the object 120. The only thing I didn’t like about it being at 8.0 is the lack of STAB.

I never said it was. It was insanely under tiered in 7.3 but now its damn near useless because its sandwiched between everything else in its current position.