Im getting tired of the matchmaking in this game

I have been playing for well over than 10 years and this is getting ridiculous. I remember times where a single country could hold their own and come victorious over the other because they were stronger a that time, but this is just nuts at this point:

I have been trying to grind UK and, while the vehicles leave a lot to be desire aside for a few exceptions, the game is borderline unplayable in the 7.7-9.7 bracket because almost every match is a combination of Germany, URSS and Sweden vs everyone else (everyone else being a bunch of minor nations and the US that suck at everything except CAS) and every match turns into a stompfest 5 minutes in or a struggle to win because for some reason Gaijin has decided that the 3 nations that clearly excel at those BRs need to be placed together alongside outright broken premiums like the T-55AM or the VIDAR, and its starting to feel like some deliberate handholding to certain nations for no apparent reason.

Im getting quite tired and im considering either not playing that BR range or not playing UK altogether, which is a shame bc i have already reached top tier with most nations and i was looking for something new, but this isnt even fun. I dont mind losing matches, what i strongly hate is getting stomped every match and coming 1-3 place on my team every time bc the bulk of my team, US players, cant put up with the pressure of fighting vehicles that outmatch theirs and i understand why they just quit after 2-3 deaths.


Yeah i really dont care, if critizicing the game’s matchamking for being unbalanced/unfair on top of problems like BR decompression get my post locked so be it. I think i didnt target no one or complained because i got killed, i just pointed out that almost every match is the same and not in a “hey im winning and losing consistently” way, its outright stomp after stomp no matter how much i kill or how many points i cap and not being able to properly play a nation its getting boring real fast.


I’ve been enjoying playing my Brit 7.3- 8.3 lineups quite a bit in recent months. I was a tad miffed when the Fox went up to 7.7, but even at 8.3 it does fine. And if you have a Falcon in there, pretty much any of the other Brit 7.0-8.3 tanks are fine. And I usually roll with my Wyvern, Strikemaster, or Meteor Reaper for CAS (depending upon BR) and then whichever Spitfire, Tempest, etc. to fill in for a fighter role if needed. It does seem like full uptiers are the normal state of things more often than not, but I’m still having fun anyhow.

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Perhaps a break from UK or a break from Warthunder would be a good decision.

I disagree. I quite enjoy the game in most aspects. I play multiple nations in ground, air, and naval (soon to be heli pve for the grind), and there is no other game out there has features like Warthunder does.

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What? Britain 9.3 and 7.7 is extremely strong, and 8.7 Britain is in a stronger position than Soviet 8.7 despite it being more mid.
T-55AM-1 is at best as-good as Britain’s 8.7s.

and no other game with a development team as against the community

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Not true lmao, WT’s dev team can have bad moments but they are by far not the worst (not saying much but whatever)

Maybe you think you’ve been slighted more by other developers. I know I have not.

In my honest opinion I’ve chosen to quit the game, and I feel better. No more pointless rage, no more pointless anxiety, no more pointless frustration. Devs can keep the game as it is, I won’t touch it anytime soon.

I liked the Fox and the Falcon is a blast, very fun vehicle, i enjoy decimating hordes of Gepards that run to spawn camp at the start of the match and the Chieftain Marksman is a nice AA too. But then we are talking about 2 SPAAs and a recently added light tank, both Vickers are lacking alot for what they offer and APDS round in general are too unreliable, which is why i said that i hate not being able to properly play UK at this BRs. Maybe if i didnt feel like i need to carry half my team i would enjoy the british vehicles more.

Then again, UK feels like it leaves a lot to be desired but its playable and you can do well, my problem comes down to the matchmaking. It doesnt not matter how well i do by myself if half my team are US players getting destroyed left and right and leaving the match. Im also not saying that US players are bad, i played through the US tree and those BRs are a experience, just not a good one.

I also disagree there as well. This community has a ton of “please pander to me, screw everyone else” because the game is so fast and covers so many vehicles over so many eras. If Gaijin “listened” to each idea that came across these forums, then the game would be an even larger mess than it already is.

Perhaps the real problem is noone has played the competitor’s games and don’t actualy realise how good Warthunder is dispite its flaws.

This is a cope excuse.

You’re very amusing with your toxicity toward people who disagree with you. A great example of why this forum/community is so garbage.

God forbid anyone think Warthunder is a good game or think Gaijin does well (not perfect by any means), otherwise they get called a shill or something. Just shows most of the forum users can’t accept what the game is because it isn’t how they think it should be.

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Imagine thinking what I said deserved this reply


Imagine telling someone their opinion is a “cope excuse” and then acting like a victim when they come back at you.

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I mean if you think this you’re deluded or a whale so yeah. You’re part of the problem.

You’re just proving my point.

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Nah, your problem is you’re upset people do not agree with your take.

I’m not acting like a victim, I’m just telling you you’re crying rn lol, cya bud.