I'm frustrated when I play at 10.3 br

Guys I play at 10.3 sweden , I have strv121 and leo 2a4 and some of the ifv vehicles . Most of my matches are either 1 br ( full uptier) or 0.7 uptiered . I just can’t , I can’t get any score to even proceed with the event etc .

I play more campy , move a little . I try not to rush , i stay somewhere look with my binoculars etc . I’m always willing to help repair a team mate or when someone is 1v1ing someone and pings the map i go and help him . Everytime I try to help i get killed . Like I want to help and being punished for it .

The other thing , man obj 292 armor sometime is so trolly , either dm23 sucks or the armor is trolly . Most of the russian vehicles have better darts to unlock than the rest of the countries in that br , which almost 1 shot everything at any angle and at any range . It seems unfair to me . I’ve been lucky quite some times with the leo armor don’t get me wrong . But it feels not only I play with better players but also my vehicles are lesser than the enemy . Abrams , they are strong , germany leos for some reason feel stronger than the sweden’s one . Don’t get me started for the new premium type 90 tank , 4 sec reload … , russian vehicles probably the biggest line up in the game at br 10 , you can have like 6+ vehicles as a line up .

Russian vehicles seem to overperform and I never see the thing that most people say here “new players just buy premiums and play like shit” , when I play the game I end up with enemies that have x-ray vision for eyes or something

I want to play top tier but I can’t . I feel frustrated because I don’t believe I am THAT BAD … I’m tired playing WW2 etc . It’s not fun feeling being “locked out” from other br’s because of skill or some vehicles over perform on purpose just gaijin to make extra money .

Any tips for high br matches or like… i don’t know . I feel like shit at high br and I really want to play high br

As a Brit main and 10.3 basically being our top tier at the moment. Ive experienced a lot of the same frustrations. Uptiers are constant and the Soviet 10.0/10.3 line-up is kinda insane.

They can pay-to-win their way to a really strong line-up. TURMS should be higher, 2S38 should be higher. 292 should be 11.0. Only reason its not is because its soviet.

Yeah, 10.3 is almost unplayable with what you face at 11.0/11.3 and deeply frustrating when you compare many nations to the soviet line-up at 10.3


I can’t help with any tips for this BR range but I have a general tip

This is my tip, don’t help teammates repair. Never. Ever. It will almost always lead to you getting killed, normally by CAS bc they see to targets temporally immobilized and grouped together. The only time you should help repair a teammate is if y’all are in cover or not under fire/no enemies near by. I know it sounds mean and goes against team game play but it only leads to more frustration. Also I’ve found that most teammates won’t bother to help you repair either. If someone passes you and you need repairs and they don’t help and later you see them needing help get petty revenge and don’t help them.

For this I suggest not rushing to their aid. Don’t take forever but make sure you won’t die on your way over there.

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I like being a fair person . I don’t think like obj 292 going to 11 , because no MG , no smoke and it will be eaten alive at 11 like for sure . But it also seems at 10.3 the obj 292 trumps everything you know . I have this dilemma for example .

It feel quite a big mess up at br 9.3 -10.3+ some vehicles over perform others not , some have better ammo but not mobility . It’s a big trade off in general but man I get frustrated because I try my best and can’t compete the way I want .

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I get what you’re saying about the repairs . I’ve been a victim quite some time , I help repair them and they let me die when I need repairs . But for some reason , I’ll keep on trying to help my team mates you know it’s just who I am . But you have excellent points though brother , the entire reply not only the repair part .


Chally 3 has no MG and is 11.7. The only reason its not higher is because it has no thermals. It would easily be 11+ if it had thermals. But with how Gaijin is ever pushing for smaller and smaller maps. I dont think the lack of TVD is actually all that big of a deal these days.

Its tricky to balance. But I think its current BR is too low. Without a doubt the 292 would be higher than 10/10.3 if it was for any other nation. Im just glad its event and not TT/premium. Like all event vehicles, they eventually become rarer.


Didn’t know chally didn’t have mg . And chally is an awesome machine . And yeah I get your point . I don’t bother unlock night vision for night battles or something , since night battles are pretty much well light now .

It has a 7.62mm MG in the turret, but no roof gun. So its basically useless.

Yeah, but Gaijin hate the Challys, so they are woefully bad at the moment. Why most play 10.3 these days for Britian and not 11.3/11.7. Chally 2s probably all need a major BR drop


Yeah, it’s really sad. You try to do the right thing but you get curbstompted by the snail. And it’s even worse when you have a task for the BP that requires you to repair allies.

Same. I did it earlier and got away before I got bombed. Was very happy considering there were 3 planes up. Had another match I remember awhile ago were I helped an allie repair and not even 10 sec later he got bombed and died


I help people and I’m the one paying the price lmao


Lmao real

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Legit just finished that 10.3 Sweden now onto 11.3/11.7 I feel your pain.

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I’m trying my best bro but damn it’s frustrating most of the times . I hope it gets better at 11.3 and afterwards

if your IFV is strf 9040 bill, you better use it when you feel doubt with the map or your team, TOW 2B is really useful to “disable” your enemy and the occasional scout is basically free points

i suggest you to learn the map, there are some place that you can exploit, even its not a broken spot

tbh i hate T80 UD more than 292, that kontakt 5 is not belonged to 10.0

lastly, try not to rush alone without any support (scout drone, teammates, air support), you’re not those war thunder CC with streamer bias

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This can be said only by someone who never played these vehicles. TURMS is mediorce vehicle that is saved only by 3BM42,armor that anyone can lolpen and any hit is turret into space. 2S38 while sometimes eating shells,tho very rarely is better as SPAA than it is a light tank. Very low spall from its APFSDS,crew next to each other that makes all oneshot. Its nothing special,its mediocre at best.

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This is not correct, the 292 is broken at 10.3 and quite easily move to 11.3. No premium russian tank at 10.0 to 10.3 should be at their current BRs. The russians have the most under tiered vehicals in the game, and that is why you are struggling. Not that you should be in Swedish vehicals ;)

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2a4 is a best 10.3 mbt. You just have to adapt to the new realities of gameplay. Don’t carry more than 16 shells because you don’t need ammo in the hull. Learn weak spots like ammo locations in USSR/China mbt. They can’t remove ammo from hull so it’s a 100% oneshot.

If you don’t like often 10.3 uptiers than just wait for another br change or decompression. There is no other way to solve this problem.


None of Sweden’s 10.0 or 10.3 vehicles struggle in a full uptier.

This used to be the case for 9.3s, now it’s 10.3 (although 9.3 uptiers to 10.3 / 10.0 is still very prevalent).

292’s armour at 10.3 is pretty strong, but as soon as it faces stuff that can penetrate around ~550mm, it’s really just becomes a one-trick pony- that being the 10s reload for slightly better spalling than a 120mm, and the really good penetration (that can go through the cheeks of many Top Tier MBTs).
I would say it would still be strong at around 10.7, but I’d personally take out a different MBT at 11.0 than it.