I'm done with Gaijin's historical censorship

Okay, I get it, we can’t have swastikas in game, but just what the hell did you do with Finland? You’re telling me a captured T-28 from the Winter War would just use late war identification markings? The livery of the finnish T-28 is entirely fictional!

Instead of just doing whatever the hell they want, they could add a censored finnish swastika, such as the cross we already see on finnish planes. Or just… add the finnish swastika to begin with? It has nothing to do with nazism.

I’m not trying to offend anyone here, but this situation is just ridiculous, the problem is not that you’re trying to censor it, but the fact that you’re showing complete fictional stuff as real.

A couple images to prove my point:






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Can you just buy the new Israeli vehicles and be quiet, goyim?

They are censored since they would be used for abuse in game…