Im done here until some changes are done

Honestly, Gaijin devs, you dont want other nations to do bvr? you want to keep the r27er and et meta forever? you want to keep other nations underpowered with crappy and crippled aim7 sparrows that underperform forever?
Im not even going to try playing this event and, most importantly, using these nerfed af vehicles, because its simply a waste of time, it was grinding them, and spading them.
Fix the game, fix all the dumb unbalances, if you want to have a fair game for everyone, if not, keep spoon feeding your skill-less russian mains, but Im not wasting more of my time with this bs.


they sayed that there adding AMRAAMS soon

Yeah, soon, they will expect us to counter an overpowered r77 with a very early variant of the aim120, thats how this devs are.
You think otherwise? then why not add an F15 of the same decade as the Su27 instead of the early F15A that doesnt even have TWS mode on the radar.
This is a joke, a really really bad one.


Whatever plane you are playing, You should know that every nations have their pros and cons and not being able to do BVR is part of it. But as you may know it’s not the only way to play the game (dogfighting, short range AAM, etc…). Top tier environnement is complex and things can’t be reduced to a single capacity.

You should weigh the pros and cons before coming to a conclusion.

There arent any pros or cons though. You either hug the ground or eat a 27ER. There is no in-between


exactly this…

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Notching is a thing albeit having a plane that can carry 6 ER is a bit much, I think the ER shouldn’t have been implemented in the first place until Fox-3. Tbh I’m more concerned about aircraft overperforming or being unbeatable in a dogfight because of UFO FM or strange characteristics, Gripen and F-15 are both really strange in their behaviour (F15 no longer is since last patch)

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Notching is great except for the part where 16v16 makes it impossible to focus on one missile without eating 5 more. You cant notch 10 people at the same time.


That’s about that. At least you know how to adapt to this gameplay. Most of the time people get bored of this (understandable ofc). But it is what it is. It doesn’t stop you from enjoying the game, there is plenty of other things to do. And in life too x)

Would you please be so kind of telling me what cons does the Su27 have?
It has the best radar missile in the game, the best ir missile in the game, if its in a dogfight, it can also easily win using an r73, and lets not forget that its a pretty fast aircraft too.
What I dont understand, is why the hell do we get a 70s F15 to fight a 90s Su27? How is that fair?
Hug the ground, hug the ground, yes because bvr is unbearable if you are put against a plane with 6 r27er that can easily spam them without any problem at all.

Yeah, the ammount of players per battle must be reduced a lot in top tier, 10 vs 10 maximum.
Same with other jet brs that have more or less decent missiles.

for real

Ah yes AMRAAMs… totaly intresting, definitly will be fun with my F4F ice. My current stand point is finish grinding the vilkas and then take a war thunder break for some time at least. Gajin showed they will just blatantly bastardise the ground vehicles and give them wrong values. Only next real air addition is the eurofighter which can need god knows how long

Cons of Su-27 :

  • the worst flight model of top tier (one of the worst energy retention the game have Seen, shitty turn capability, irl its way better… lose in a 1-2 circle dogfight with most top tier aircraft)
  • Bad rwr (SPO-15, can’t identify name of plane, doesnt detect some aircraft and most spaa, so enjoy getting killed without noticing)
  • Really Bad air to ground capability (only dumb munitions, no thermal POD like usual NATO Space bomber)
  • Quite low amount of flares (98 but large Caliber, doesnt see any difference facing unflarable Aim-9M, can’t preflare at all)
  • Huge target (easy to kill in a dogfight)
  • radar is mid.
  • has to face invisible smokeless Aim-9M
  • R-73 eat flares like R-60 if you are not shooting them at less to ~1.3 km.

Too much whining here, F-15 is faster than the Su-27, and it came out in 1981 only 5 years, after f-15. The R-27ER is useless with a little hug with the ground.
Sounds like skill issue

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Seems like you haven’t played the f15a, gaijin just buffed the su27s turn rate and besides. energy retention in a dogfight does not mean shit in current top tier. Bad rwr??? really? your biggest problem with the jet is not being able to see the names of planes shooting missiles at you. Bad air to ground - neither does the f15 and we are talking about air to air. Low number of flares, 98 large caliber is plenty and also the fact that Russian teams will win 9/10 times and American teams are filled with ChatGPT instances operating out of a bot farm means that you won’t have to use most of those flares, huge target??? that literally matters in the 1/100 matches you get a perfect one on one dogfight in and in there the other player will just get 3rd partied and that’s like complaining about having a low ammo count, it does not matter in current top tier. Radar is mid, it’s still leagues ahead of the f15 radar currently, has to face smokeless aim9ms? the f15 faces the gripen too. R73 eats flares, you have hmd which f15 doesn’t so you can get good launches with the r73 and also all missiles are easy to dodge if your more than 1.5km away, with the aim9m you just have to flare and change directions. The one thing the f15 does better which is sustained dogfight performance does not matter in the current top tier meta. The su27 does everything better than the f15 that actually matters in the top tier meta and it is a much easier and more handheld experience, the su27 would be a point and click adventure game while the f15a is a horror movie. Its a movie instead of a video game because you cannot change the outcome due to 85% of my games in the f15 ending up in me versus 6 or more players as my team all dies to su27s within the first 3 minutes.
If your biggest problem in the su27 is not being able to see the names of the plane who is tracking you then you have no right to say skill issue while playing the best top tier jet.

  1. its ability to point nose around is insane, if you cant utilize that to win fight in 2 turns… skill issue
  2. get used to it as thats RWR present on pretty much everything up to mid 2000s.
  3. it was never meant to be ground pounder. You have mig27, Su17/22 or in that sense even mig29SMT
    for that.
  4. 98 single pop large flares. thats still better than majority of 12.0-12.3 planes. If you dont know how
    to deal with 9M - skill issue, its not hard to defeat
  5. again, get used to it, all russian modern jets are massive barns.
  6. radar is adequate for what its supposed to do.
  7. If you cant spot huge red diamond… Skill issue. BTW, amraam should be smokeless too, cant wait
    for your feedback on that one.
  8. R73 is BEST top tier missiles as of now, if you know how and when to use it, its pretty much
    unflarable - skill issue on your side. Use it at close range, not long range.

Su27 is faster on deck by almost 100kph, Flanker was accepted to service in 1985. almost a decade after F15A. R27ER is free kill if you can pick out targets and position yourself.
Sounds like you are the skill issue.


If you can’t dodge for 2 turns… skill issue

So, R73 are the best missiles if you know how and when to use? What a surprise! In all honestly that’s not a very good argument, even AIM-9B are good if you know how and when to use. R73’s are good, but so are AIM-9M’s.
And while yes, Su-27 wasn’t made for CAS, and USSR players have other options, it still a con for the aircraft, same with RWR (which is probably a much bigger problem on ground battles due to SPO-15 not detecting a lot of air defense).

And in my opinion, F-15A shouldn’t be compared with Su-27’s when it comes to technology thingy. F-15A should have been added way before with the early F-16’s and MiG-29, and then adding a more modern F-15C or E or whatever other model together with Su-27.
F-15A is still very good but nothing surprising since F-16C already exists.

hence why gaijin should stop nerfing the f15a and give it the things it needs to compete, as of now its just a worse f16c and is not competitive at top tier

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