I'm done for now

I just thought I’d post here that I’m finished with this janky mess of a game for the moment. I’m sick of being cheated out of kills when doing daily tasks, the fact that the lead indicator on SPAA is not working properly and the poor operation of random battle selection.

I may return to battle, I may not.


and they will all come to mock you for announcing your departure ,until their game falls flat and they join you lol .Everybody is leaving but they keep telling us the numbers are up.

why do the daily tasks matter so much?

We all know the game is a jank mess, there isn’t much of an alternative.
My favourite two jank garbage moments tonight were the panther taking zero damage except some damage optics upon having a 183mm HESH shell deposited on his mantlet, and my challenger 17pdr APDS shattering on the 20mm tracklinks attached to the side of the panthers 45mm RHA turret.

Also the obligatory horrendous map (non)rotation with the same handful of city maps spammed incessantly because the concept of shooting at a range of over 1km is foreign to this game.

It really does feel like the game cheating you.


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Seriously though, I don’t see why people post that they’re leaving the game here in these forums. Like just leave if your leaving…

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I love Snoop Dogg




Frankly they’re the only things which make playing the game bearable. I concentrate on doing the daily tasks.

ok but to what means?
What do you get from doing them? just enjoyment? simply asking, nothing more.

The points for the BP. Plus it’s nice to focus on them instead of mindless killing and the grind. But that’s just me personally

fair enough.
I’m not a fan of the tasks personally, i find it makes people do things that are detrimental to the win and wouldnt otherwise do.
Why didnt the other fighter help me? - because his task is to only kill bombers.
Why did this guy spawn in spaa at the start, die then leave? - his task was to kill tanks with spaa.

you get my drift.

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All simulators are jank, so it’s likely best you avoid the genre entirely.
Play Factorio instead.

Yeah I get what your saying. I find that the worst ones when it comes to helping the team is when your trying to get assists. I try to still help my team even when I have a task, but sometimes it’s just super hard depending on the task

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I know what isn’t janky, real life 😂

Should try that

Found a better one from another thread like this

Thanks to @Silver_Alert for posting this in another thread

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I’m curious to see how many players the competition can now take from WT. There’s a lot waiting in the wings. WH40k SpeedFreakz, Project CW …

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In full disclosure, I borrowed it from someone else here LOL!

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