I'm annoyed by Gaijin's chat spamming rules

I’ve reactivated the radio messages after a long absence and am trying hard to ignore those who want to conquer Point D or are otherwise very talkative… and bombard you with rubbish every second.

And then I’m sitting in the anti-aircraft gun again and go duck hunting, the opponent spawns several fighters and bombers that I want to report to the second anti-aircraft gun in the team because it’s taking cover behind a high rock. And suddenly, my second report is blocked and marked as chat spamming… while the rubbish continues to be reported.

And to make matters worse, this even happens in the SQBs where up to 50% of the opponent can be in the air and there should hardly be any problems with chat spamming with the limited number of players in the match.

Why don’t you at least have a real reconnaissance function for aeroplanes as an anti-aircraft gunner?


Yeah, they could just add a spot aircraft function for every ground vehicle. With some detailed information depending on the range.

In fact they can just add a spotting mechanic for every ground vehicle.
Just an auto-ping on the map for every vehicle while light tanks still get that marking ability.

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Pressing T then 6 and 1, makes a report in chat with bearing and altitude, and marks it for your team on their compass.


If you try to report two aircraft in a row your second report will be considered spam, unless you wait long enough for the system not to consider the same report mesage to be spam.

That’s the whole point of the topic.

Hey, you’r really funny. Guess what I’m talking about.

BTW, thanks to macro funktions I just press one button.

An anoying function when censored by the system, in many cases useless as my flying teammates have to change their view to see a compass und last but not least, using this funktion i have to deal with a big overlay what affects my vision. Do you wish this for the V-scouting?

I would even take it to the extreme and finally give reconnaissance aircraft this task as well. There was the FW189 A1 as an event vehicle. It’s now lying there gathering dust.
Of course, everything has to remain in balance. You have to think about the cool-down time and so on.
But then the aircraft would have something else to do in the sky apart from CAS. CAP is all well and good. But chasing a reconnaissance aircraft in the sky is also something different.

It really annoys me that it is coupled with the “accept the apology” when you got a TK by a bomber. Every time I get upset that it’s like this and think to myself “After the battle, finally redesign the key assignment!”
Yes, and then I’m already in the next battle.

Funny, we get it with the drones…

In fact, the whole system of reconnaissance is a bad joke.

  1. every vehicle with a radio can at least inform the vehicles in its own unit.
  2. but even if you limit this to one vehicle class in the game, why not to pure reconnaissance vehicles and why not in rank 1 in general?

This is especially awful, given how many light vehicles are in Rank I.

That’s why I would limit it to real reconnaissance vehicles and only use a light armoured vehicle if a nation doesn’t have one.