I'm against the changes in the DEV server regarding the vehicle profile card display image

Damn, the new 3d model display is so ugly


I would be very surprised if anyone thinks this is a positive change.


Im not, They look fine. They just show a pic that will make all stat cards uniform. So, for newer players or people who don’t know their military equipment, when you face a tank or plane you have not seen before you can easily find it. Rather than looking at 240p black & white or grainy photo.


It’s whatever. People are making too much drama out of such a small change.


Agreed, it’s a “cosmetic” change and little more. It does not change game play in anyway. And as with any cosmetic change, some will like it while others will not. What little I saw of it on the Dev Server was not all that impressive, or really bad really, just different. And a lot of people will never like different/change. It’s kinda sad to lose some of it as it tosses any “tradition” out the window, much like changing the Forum formatting did, but life is change. I’m frankly more surprised there is not more of an uproar to the lowering of so many vehicles to tier II, making them useless for doing BP tasks and Events . . this is a far more drastic and detrimental change that does affect game play and the players, especially newer folks. But . . C’est la Vie I guess . . .


Exactly! Creating drama over meaningless cosmetics takes attention away from real issue that affect actual gameplay.


You wont care after 2 weeks


To be honest, I don’t mind it. They look a little goofy but not something I’m gonna get upset over.

Imagine the Pound Sterling note being turned into a 3D render of the Queen and you’ll understand our POV. It would be weird first of all and everyone already is accustomed to the 2D images usually printed on those notes.

This may be a weird comparison but basically my point is that it would be weird, everyone finds the old ones nostalgic and this is just a “lazy method” for Gaijin.