IJN Kako bug?

I have been experiencing something very unpleasant with Kako, after taking significant damage, i completely lose the ability to aim the guns, or control the ship at all…

It happened after being hit by an airplane bomb, then i fully repaired and i still didnt have any control whatsoever, the ship just went full speed ahead, and i was unable to aim.

Later same thing happened but this time after full repair i regained control, but after a few hits from a Destroyer that took out the bridge i was once again unable to aim the guns at all.

It seems to be related to the Bridge, since i didnt have any permanent hull breach.

I have not tested with other ships.

It happens also with IJN Isuzu and IJN Sendai.

Doesnt seem to be related to amount of damage taken, since it happened after taking some negligent damage, one thing i noticed is that when it happens, it switches my ammo…

Also this time i didnt lose control of the ship