IFV* wishlist!

Meaning it carry it…

Show a single one, lol, oh yes, you think BMPT is


neither :))

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Do you know the reason the BMPT was even developed? If you don’t, it’s because they couldn’t vertically target high enough to take out infantry on the roofs of buildings, which were taking out their IFV’s, to be generous, there are barely any IFV’s that don’t carry troops.

btw, does anyone know the APFSDS round in 2A72, i heard that it can use not only the APDS but also the APFSDS round

Do you know BMPT doesn’t carry infantry and can’t be classified as IFV???

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Just because it doesn’t carry infantry doesn’t mean it doesn’t fight infantry. Feel like I’m fighting with a three year old. 🤦🏽‍♂️

isn’t that an APC

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Regardless I changed the title and description of the post to include IFV-adjacent vehicles lol

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One of the main purpose of IFV is to carry infantry 🤦🏽‍♂️

APC isn’t supposed to actively figthing enemy. Main purpose is transport infantry safe. IFV on other hand is supposed to transport infantry and support it.
Meanwhile BMPT isn’t anyhow related to infantry. It supports tanks.

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Germany doesn’t operate CV9035NL nor it’s MLU upgrade.


CV9035NL MLU isn’t even in service with the netherlands yet?
also: 13 Light Armoured Brigade completes integration between Dutch combat brigades and German divisions | News item | Defensie.nl

*It is important to note that the Netherlands remains in control of the decision whether and where to deploy its military forces.


Yes, it’s Danish, considered a Nordic country, so it should go to Sweden.

Edit: Meant Dutch*

It’s Dutch…

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the thing isn’t in service yet, even tho sweden over germany any day, it’s not danish…??

Sweden has a claim on it, because it’s a Swedish base
No other tree in game really does unless you get into enterprise bullshit, which Gaijin doesn’t work with.

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That’s what I meant.

Even though, like I’ve said before, it was designed to fight infantry?

Edit: The (multi-) use of the ATAKA missiles.

The BMPT uses the Ataka missile to defeat heavily armored vehicles like tanks (shaped charge), infantry (thermobaric warhead) or aircraft (continuous rod) . These missiles are carried only within their launchers, without any additional ones stowed away.

It is at best, a light tank, and as I’ve also said, multirole.

Sweden could get it but it wouldn’t really make sense to choose it over one of their own or a prototype or another nordic CV90
Germany however does not have any claim on it


TL:DR, it’s Dutch, not German.
Which means no German claim. Good.


One carries, the other carries and supports, that is the key difference.

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