IFV in hangar

So everytime I log into the hangar, there’s that stupid IFV getting stuck just behind my tank and deafening me while trying to move on when the driver is obviously completely drunk or went out for tea.

Could it be possible to either get rid of that thing that brings nothing except noise, reduce its engine volume or just debug it so it doens’t get stuck 10 minutes right behind my tank ?

You could mute your audio while in hangar. If you happen to have a mixer, put WT on a separate channel and mute that when you don’t want to hear it.

Sure but that means I have to do it everytime I enter and exit a battle. That’s not really efficient while also being extremely tiring only because of a broken cosmetic

Sure but Gaijin hasn’t fixed it for at least a year at this point so it’s either cope or adapt.

True but that’s kind of a defeatist attitude. Some other aspects of the game got polished years after so I’m at least gonna try.