IFV ammo belts detonate without being destroyed

The rate of ammo explosions in IFVs is unrealistic and unbalanced.

What are you judging realism by?

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What happens when spalling from a sabot round graces the shell of a 35mm round?

The shock and/or the heat created by the act of spalling and subsequent impact with the ammunition can detonate the propellant which will set off a chain reaction by detonating nearby ammunition in a similar manner.

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Dunno - but given that the spalling indicators in WT are not actually literal… neither do you.

Also - replay or it didn’t happen :)

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You need a replay to see an ammo detonation?

If you don’t play War Thunder why are you on this forum?

Yes, meaning it will.

If it’s possible, it will happen.

You seem to be whining about a specific case, so yes. Perforations of ammunition propellent can and almost always will cause a flash fire.

Yes it’s “possible”. Yes, it “can”.

Currently there is a 100% ammo detonation chance on IFV ammo being touched by spalling. This isn’t accurate.

I am not. This occurs across all IFVs I’ve seen, fought, and played.

Bradley, BMP-2M, Marder A1 doesn’t matter