If you're going to design spawns that are flat remove spawn protection

If I can see in to the enemy spawn from the middle of the map there’s no reason to have spawn protection enabled, you’ve already shown you want spawn killing, allow it.


Bless your heart.

No, they need to improve map designs

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bro, how many crying threads are you going to make??? At this point take a break from WT.


Even better:
Have the tanks self destruct when they spawn

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This is already rewarded to avoid crew lock.

War Thunder is a complex game with many issues.

Gaijin has shown repeatedly they do not wish to produce functional maps. They want to encourage CoD style gameplay and this is what the majority of the community is interested in. You can see this in the recent polling for damage mechanics. 80% voted for health regen a la CoD where your crew just magically heals themselves.

Utterly unserious game.

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So… you’re complaining that the devs are giving people what they want.

I also can’t take the HP complaint seriously when “healing” to “get health back” is an inherently nebulous concept… as opposed to replacing an entire gun barrel in ten seconds, which is much more firmly game-y.

At maximum crew level it takes 20 seconds to repair your barrel. During this time your tank is restricted from moving.

“Game-y” isn’t my criticism. My criticism is CoD-like. I don’t have an issue with healing your crew, but it should be tied to the same mechanic crew replacement is. Capturing points. I think both teams should be given a static refill / rearm point in their spawn that functions just the same.

Your crew members magically healing missing health after not being in combat for [x] seconds isn’t an engaging mechanic.

People want the ability to heal their crew members to compete with auto loaders. The developers gave them only one option to do this. Their stated reason is that it’s the most simplistic solution. The developer’s laziness =/= Player’s wants.

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