If you make more than 3 suggestions at a time, they get deleted randomly?

I have sent in 4 suggestions over the past week, in the correct department each time, however, two of them now have been removed from my “pending” threads list, without any message whatsoever. The other thread on this topic in support doesn’t offer much help so I wanted to ask the community directly.

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this happened with my first (and now last) suggestion. i think before submitting would be smart to copy it somewhere. i hate the new forum

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Similar experience.
did 2 suggestion when they openend the forum.
Both got approved (got the email) but they did not appear in the list.
I did 1 of the 2 suggestion again 1-2 week ago, got approved yesterday (i got the email), stil does not appear in the list.

I feel like I wasted time

make sure you back them up from here on out

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I’ve seen people putting through 50 in quick succession, like, absolutely so many that I class it as spam as many of them are merely using templates and copy-pasting various info into them in desperation to get things added.

These sorts of people are putting MASSIVE workload onto the forum mods, which I really do think that needs to be settled down.

If you’re putting up 3 though, I’d be looking at the method or structure you are using to suggest it, or look at how ‘vague’ the suggestion is.

Well, twice now I’ve also received a message saying my suggestion was “approved” but it doesn’t appear anywhere. So I have to wonder WTF is going on

There was someone else asking about that yesterday now that you mention it… Approved, but ‘not there’… Maybe it’s in a section you can’t see.

heh why do i know exactly who you’re talking about…

but there could be several reasons why a suggestion was denied, maybe you forgot a “no” option in the polls (they used to fix that for you eh), maybe it wasn’t quite detailed enough, maybe you didn’t have enough sources, maybe your account is too new (which yours clearly isn’t) etc…