If there is only one plane left and it is outside of the general combat area tickets should begin draining


Chasing phantoms on your radar is not fulfilling gameplay.

Should call for the EC solution where an AI flight goes and hunts the enemy down that is doing this.

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Ah yes lets make fights last even less time so everyone gets even less rewards.


They just need to tweak the current mechanic where the square they are in turns red. Should pop up sooner


Na ah nope sir, I could still manage to get something done plenty of time as that sole one remaining, even winning the game.
One of few those ppl choose spending their last chance as garbage time does not means that goes for everybody, for me, I needed that room and opportunity to actually win a 1v6 and have that satisfaction.

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Yes I would like to move to the next match and not waste time.

I agree. I was wondering why it wasn’t doing it despite there being just one plane left. I’m down to two blind shooters.

This will mean something when every Air RB map has light pillboxes modeled so there’s always ground targets of value worth destroying. The map in question has heavy pillboxes leaving me with nothing on the ground to shoot that’s worth wasting time doing so.

The light vehicles and SPAA in convoy on this map are modeled as WW2 as well, these come with reduced rewards. At least on other maps I could shoot the Object 906 / M163s / ZSUs for some measly 900 SL.

I think it should be changed so that the red square appears after 30sec. Should give them at least some time to rtb if they want to land and leave the match but not so much that it takes like 2min.

I feel that it is a good middle ground between the current time and having it be instant.

Yap I do agree this map is kinda bad in that perspective, but you do realize 80% of your reward come from activities right?
If you already managed to get something done, then you could simply stay alive to get proportional RP from time.

I do. I also don’t mind grinding out some ground targets. But if I wasn’t in an F-104 that F-111 would have been zig zagging the border of the map for 5 minutes without recourse. That’s not fun. Luckily I was in the only plane that can intercept it, but if I wasn’t I would have probably J’d to hanger.

Instant wouldn’t really make sense 30 seconds sounds entirely reasonable.

Well lets then turn Warthunder into clicker game. Every time you click To Battle you get 100RP.

No wonder Air RB is in such sorry ass state where matches are decided in 5 minutes when we get posts like this.


Wow it’s like this player on the edge of the map is doing nothing to assist their team or play for an objective and is just wasting my time.

No! I am the true problem for asking why my time is being wasted!

God forbid you actually have to play a a match for longer than 5 minutes.

In EC I’d understand this. But regular maps are already incredibly tiny. If you still can’t find the last player then play for the objective and destroy ground targets to bleed tickets yourself. You’re asking the game to play itself for you. If the last player decides he doesn’t want to interact with you then secure the victory by completing the objective.


You do realize there are already 2 seperate mechanics in game to punish passive players right?

First is fact that last player will be marked on the map with red square at what grid they are.
Second is that if they do not engage in combat (like camping AF) after 2 minutes if I recall game will put them as inactive and bleed tickets.

All you have to do is not chase them.

EDIT: Besides the fact the longer the match lasts the greater rewards everyone gets.
5 kills in 10 minute game will be like 7k RP. 5 kills in 20 minute game is around 13-15k.


God forbid this game have engaging gameplay.

You understand there’s a simulator game mode if you wish to chase radar phantoms, right?

It’s like as if the map itself isn’t designed to reward destroying ground units making the act of chasing down this F-111 more rewarding that killing 15 SPAA trucks randomly driving around.

Understanding that would require you having played the game though I’m sure you’ll better understand one day.

2 minutes + 5 minutes interception = 7 minutes of time wasted by 1 player

Thrilling, engaging.

Oh you can use your blind shooters!

I’m down to two using them to chase people like this.

“All you have to do in a PVP game mode is not kill the enemy players”

Thank you for explicitly illustrating why this goes against the game mode’s design.

It’s never a fighter that does this, it’s an under BR’d bomber or an F-111 playing speed racer. Bombing is already so irrelevant to the game mode making every other user in the match suffer from their choice to engage with a mechanic Gaijin themselves doesn’t reward is asinine.