If the Russians get the GAZ-AAA trucks Then the USA should get a Jeep with a .50 cal mounted on it

50 cal jeep
It should be at Br 1.0. It would make a good little event reward or even better a tech tree vehicle. Should it be added?




Yes, also add the other funny variants like the ones with Recoilless Rifles and ATGMs for higher tiers.


Include a passenger with a Bazooka too.

I don’t see why not.

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Also a hummer with a 50. Cal facing 1.0 vehicles would be so much fun


Crazy stupid fun looking, +1


Theoretically a .50 Hummer could go higher due to SLAP rounds :D


I’m not a big fan of adding a later model vehicle to an era focused on 1930s and very early WWII vehicles.

The .50 cal jeep idea is perfect. A lot of other nations get a starter SPAA vehicle but America’s first spaa is a BR 1.7. Actually your first SPAA right now will be the M8 HMC with a roof .50 cal that does a good job fending off biplanes.

Nonetheless it would be so funny to see a modern military vehicle fighting pre WW2 tanks : )

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This would be sooooooo awesome!

Certainly gets my vote!

Willies jeep FTW


I’m sorry, but if Sweden (and other nations) can get PBV-301 and other postwar vehicles fighting early WW2 tanks, a Hummer with SLAP rounds is underwhelming by comparison :P

And M8 would be a GREAT SPAA at reserve with its 50 cal…

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I am talking about the M8 HMC, which is a tech tree vehicle that everyone gets.

If they add the jeep and hummer which probably wont happen ( we’re talking about gaijin here ) low tier USA will just be a swarm of jeeps and hummers

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Ah. In that case, the gun angles of its 50 cal aren’t great, but I suppose it can make do in a pinch…

That being said, no way in hell the other M8 should stay as rare as it is lol

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Incredibly weak to most munitions at that tier, resistant maybe to 50 cal max…

But armed with a 50 cal and fairly speedy

the question was when, And the answer was YES.

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well, we already have a hummer ingame :)

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I don’t know what this has to do with RB specifically, but yes please!