If the OH-58D is coming, it should NOT be a premium

Like why does the US, out of all the prototype and export vehicles, always get shafted that their best variants of mass produced vehicles are premiums/events?

F7F-3, F11-F, F4D-1, now OH-58 as well? Why? There’s a ton of other helicopters that could be added as a premium instead of the OH-58D.

I seriously hope it’s either an early production variant so we can have a late one in the tech tree, or we should get an OH-58F or Block 2 in the tech tree.

Not quite sure where you got the idea its going to be a premium we havent even had a devblog for it

People nowadays take so called ‘leaks’ too seriously.

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yeah it is even proven to be a fake, this picture shows the crew lvl of a mi 8 helicopter as 180, people cant even prove check their own fakes


You’re right that I didn’t put much thought after seeing the possible leak, as it honestly seems pretty plausible (for the OH-58D to be premium), given what I have stated in the post.

I wrote the title “If the OH-58D is coming”, because I knew that the leak might be fake, but I immediately got annoyed at the possibility of it premium…

Speaking of the OH-58D, I wonder if we’re going to see the AGM-176 added as well since Hellfires are not very good and they were tested.

How does the GPS “fire and forget” system work that the Griffins have?
Would it be usable in-game, like the PARS 3?