If SU 27 and f15s are coming next update

should UK receive

  • Canadian CF 18
  • Austrialian F-18F
  • Harrier GR 9
  • Nothing

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Sea Harrier FA2 would be another ideal choice and i would specify the Harrier Gr9A as that is the Gr9 with the better engine and HMD

crap I forgot about the South African Gripen

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İ believe Canadian F-18 will be better choice in this case.

More armament capabilites plus really good flight performance is really nice.

Gripen is also really nice plane but compare to F-18 armament capabilites are limited.

I think Gripen and Typhoon will come first.

I wish they’d consider an early version of Eurofighter Typhoon but Smin denied it

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I don’t know why people are assuming Su-27 and F-15 are coming next update. I can’t see the F-18 coming either.

Harrier GR.9 wouldn’t really add much over the GR.7 unless they are going to give it brimstones, which seems unlikely.

I’m hoping for South African Gripen, but most likely sea harrier 2

we know that grippen will be added this year.
and it is rumored and very likely that next update will be fox 3 update, that is why the f-15 and su-27.
but i agree f-18 will not be in the update.

Why does Fox-3 update mean F-15 and Su-27 though? There are already an abundance of fox-3 capable aircraft in the game.

F-15 is a definition of a plane build around fox3s

there not gonna do a big update without adding some new stuff for ussr and usa


Except its not lol do people not know that F-15s were without fox 3s for years. Pre msip F-15s literally used sparrows for half their life before AMRAAMS. F-15s can only use fox 3s after the MISP upgrades

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