If line of sight is possible rendering should be instant

The necessary words to describe this design decision.


Depends on why it didn’t render because if it comes back to your own and your teams crew skills then it shouldn’t be unless you are actively looking towards it which is another factor in this, along with your zooming in on areas.

If line of sight is possible rendering should be instant.

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When Gaijin’s spaghetti code and NVIDIA’s (et al) spaghetti code love each other very much… WT happens.

Nope, because it doesn’t necessarily mean you are actually looking.


Entirely relevant… Sorry that you don’t understand how the formula for spotting, nor crew skills works, and want it dumbed down to obliteration and nullification, but it’s not that hard.

Ngl, i actually agree with him. They should change it so that tanks are always rendered, at least for realistic. I left WoT because of invisible tanks. WT is better but i dont like the idea of a tank sitting in front of me and not being rendered.

Again, the reason for it being invisible is to do with a base mechanic of the game, and this poster has in the past wanted to remove the crew skills for lack of them understanding it.

If you aren’t looking, you will not see it, regardless of line of sight in some forms.

Do you play World of Tanks or War Thunder?

We’re talking about War Thunder a video game meant to have a semblance of realism mixed in with gameplay mechanics that are justified for the sense of gameplay.

Being able to render a tank isn’t a justified gameplay mechanic, it’s downright broken.

Give me a source on that and my “misunderstanding” of crew skills.

Disliking a mechanic =/= Misunderstanding them

Insinuating that I don’t comprehend the mechanic to wash away criticism is your own biases presenting themselves rather disgustingly.

Well, to be frank, you don’t…

Everything you suggest to remove is often a user knowledge issue.

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If you’re not going to back up this claim I’m going to assume your comment is in bad faith and block your account.

Well, the actual thread and your antsiness depicts it.

The fact that I said what attributes to the skill, and you skirted around it to avoid it but bring up this bombshell saying that you’ll block me when you told me that months back that you had, makes your threat empty and makes it clear you are the one who can’t argue.

The mechanic works based on the crew skills in keen vision, the actual level of detail to the point where it does get line of sight (Which doesn’t always match), and the ability of that crew to radio to other crews to render it for the rest of the team.

The fact that you just want it rendered when it’s line of sight ignoring that shows that your one-line ‘want’ isn’t worth the time it takes to make a response.

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From what I remember they did it to address heavy use of ESP, as well as stability

I understand that the current mechanics. That is why I would like it to change. I would like to be able to see tanks in my line if sight regardless of a crew skill. The crew skill can still be used for arcade. It makes sense to keep it there.

To be honest on a crew with keen vision at maxed I had it many times where a vehicle does not render till it shoots at a distance of sub 900m in the open while I am hard scoping (sniper mode) on that exact location.

Now the counter argument to what I explained above is system specs, yet I have a i7-10700k and RTX3070 playing on max graphic settings.

TLDR - sometimes tanks does not render when they should regardless of capable system performance and crew skill.

The event of them shooting causes them to be more noticable. The maps LoDs will cause the server to see things in a different way than more detailed LoDs that come from your view.

There are reasons for everything you mention, it’s not a ‘simple’ ‘single’ thing.

OK so I stare at a clear line of sight with absolute zero obstruction at a area with nothing rendered at less than 1km.

One tank shoots me from said position and I die.

Death cam shows 3 tanks sitting in the open on said position, none of which rendered. Loaded a quick custom to show you the area I am looking at - you tell me if it should be rendered or not. Same spot where it sometimes render, sometimes it doesn’t - all with the same crew and tank.

Honestly, most lf the time its probably just asset culling for system optimization.

Warthunder has previously been very aggressive in regards to saving resources.

Sometimes this will cause vehicles you should see to be unloaded, but thats just how thing will be when game devs optimize games.