If Large-sized camouflage grass(6/6) could return for sale or may we have more new varieties of large-sized green camouflage grass and more 3D pendant slots?

  • Agree to return - Open for purchase + event availability
  • Agree to return - any form is allowed
  • Disagree with the return

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Well in the past camouflage grass was recognized as a game balance breaker.
But that’s the conclusion from 2015, in a very primitive gaming ecosystem with both optics and electronic devices.No gun stabilizer,No thermal imaging equipment,No laser range finder.So the one with great designed camouflage grasses was not even hard to find but also difficult to aim and destroy.
We now have everything to reduce the influence of the camouflage and it is easily destructible : machine gun,a hit from somewhere, Artillery support,even if air crash.

However the camouflage grass is One of the most unique gameplay in our WarThunder.It almost completely allows players to modify and disguise their tanks at will. As a result, many amazing clever camouflage designs have emerged.This is certainly a great gaming art form.No just to fight or to fire at each other, but stay in the garage and try to make the camouflage more and more perfect.
I always do this, it is very funny.I think it is time to give this fun to everyone.
So Gaijin we need more camouflage grass,best to return the past props directly to the market.

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i think every M1 and China ZTZ/MBT/VT tank all need this, there hull are really easy to pen and need some cover to make people think 0.5 sec and have chance to shoot

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And the ariete i want my ariete to be completly bushed up so people will actually think instead of looking in the general direction and just deleting the ariete from existance