If Jas39b, c, d, e, f will be updated for SW in someday?

Plz, look at USSR, 4 aircrafts for 12.7 for the next update, that’s not fair for other camps.

Highly likely the BRs will be raised with ARH introduction but yeah, they’ll have 4 ARH capable aircraft (Yak-41, MiG-29SMT, Su-27SM, and Su-39)

They might give the JA-37D RB99 tho

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They might give the JA-37D RB99 tho
no… thats not fair

actually, su25sm3 will rise to 12.7, su39 will not post soon, dont worry about su39,
so su27, su27sm, mig29smt, su25sm3 is 4 12.7 aircrafts, why gaijin care about ussr so much…

The BR change in which the SU25SM3 goes up to 12.7 in ground RB will happenn before the next major update. Whether the Su39 will go up in air RB due to it receiving the R77 is still unclear.

That’s more than fair, Sweden would otherwise only have 1 plane with ARH missiles, unless gaijin decides to give them all of the versions, the F is too new however. Russia is in a decent place with planes, let alone ARH capable planes.

Also, 13.0 will, or at least, should, be added next major update. And not to mention the fact that the JA37 will be receiving a massive manuverabiliy nerf

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The post about the BR changes and the split imo implies that BRs might be getting some more decompression

bruh who will use jas37 in 12.7, totally cannon fodder, i want only more jas39…

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Nothing new. US and USSR are always ahead of everyone else.

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i meant that is not fair for all the camps without 3 12.7 aircratfs, why gaijin give lots of love to ussr?


If strv 122, 123 for 11.7 and all jas39s can be in 12.7… my dream

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remember Germany will get 1 ARH carrier and it will be a Phantom

Damn that’ll really help balance it now that it has to face 12.7 SPAAs

They did remember to add the 12.7 SPAAs, right?

Yeah but going forward theyll be getting multiple jets like Typhoon and potentially swiss f18’s. Still ice shouldve been here and just progressively buffed. Regardless depending on how bad these nerfs are for swedish air vehicles it could leave sweden with upwards of a 2.0 gap from 11.x-12.7 and such.
(Thats if they dont drop the viggens in br since theyll be even nore brick like.)

eh I don’t know about that

I’m guessing the JA37D will receive RB99 and fill that gap

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God pls for the love of all that is right in the world no. I dont need it to be even more of a missile barge than it already is. Speed F, agility D, Armament S radar C. I really dont need it going anyhigher. This thing released at 11.7 and it moved down because its bad and after the mobility nerf to all the top swedish air aside from the gripen youll essentially have one decent fighter and the rest will be glorified missile barges so pls for the love of god no.

that would be nice tbh, then the JA37C would prob receive more flares, the aim9L’s and be placed where the 37D is atm, so they can put in some sort of new veichle to fill the gap between the 35 and 37C, maybe an upgraded j35, or some sort of ja37A? (if that even exists lmao)

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JA-37A exists yes

it’s even worse than the current 37C, it for example doesn’t have CMs

a Late J35 would be a much better choice imo

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i fucking hope not

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