If Jas39b, c, d, e, f will be updated for SW in someday?

No… by the way panstir shall go 12.7

If true I’m about to bully some Russians with French CAS.

To cut it short no, outside of maybe an event the Jas39 D and other 2 seater gripens lack the internal gun and have worse flight performance due to the two seater design and add on weight. Also gaijin wont add varients of the gripen past the C as they use much more advanced missiles than what we currently have. The only models of the C that could come to boost the flight performance when we get later models of other high end aircraft will have to carry fake loadouts as they wont be using the current missiles available. Again this is speculation and truly depends on how gaijin powercreeps things and rushes to add the best top tier air meta. At most you should expect more variations of the gripen on other TT’s like the US if they get brazil or italy.

D’s variant is ground attack aircraft.