If a vehicle is Rank VIII it should be 12.3

If the vehicle doesn’t necessitate a 12.3 BR rating then it is not a Rank VIII vehicle.


Might want to check with the Devs on that one. 😉

Yes they don’t play the game I’m informing them through this forum what is necessary for the game’s health.

I thought the Rank distribution was just a matter of setting requirements before next tier. Battle rating determines matchmaking.

Yes, which is why the addition of Rank VIII without increasing BR adds to compression.

The only reason they’ve seem to have done this is to be able to sell Rank VII premiums while still claiming they’re not selling top tier vehicles.


Gaijin seems to be so out of touch on this one.
They added Swedish T-80U (11.0) to tier 8 but haven’t added Russian T-80 (11.3) and AIM (11.3) to tier 8, which is really, really weird.

What’s even worse, we now have premiums that sit only a single BR step from the actual ceiling, which is straight up laughable.

More like 12.7, honestly… Or 13.0, or even more. BR decompression is badly needed at top-tier, just look at the EJ phantom (non-kai) going against MiG-29s and F-14/16s…

So only one rank 8 for Britain