If a kill is granted why is crew lock enabled?

J’ing out or returning to hanger in proximity to an enemy aircraft grants a kill but crew lock is still enabled. Where is the logic in this behavior?

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Crewlock is justified. I would make it even longer…

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I dont think gaijin actually play WT. I could swear they put this game together with sticky tap and cereal boxes

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What for

Crew lock is a mechanic to punish people who leave the game prematurely. If I’m in the middle of a dog fight how am I leaving prematurely?

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You do leave the game when J’ing out, don’t you?
Then take your punishment as a man. ^^"

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Why would you j out in a dogfight? Where do you think you’re going to end up, back in a new plane?

Out of ammo? Untenable position? Last alive?

A kill is granted when in proximity to aircraft? No?

If you are last alive then crew lock won’t matter, your crew will be unlocked as soon as match finishes as fo the rest sounds like you’re not even trying to win.

If they have you target locked i believe

Crew lock is an old outdated feature that should be removed. Many of times I am dogfighting an enemy and they collide with me but I end up getting a crew lock for it, there is no justification for why this obsolete feature should exist as it doesn’t prevent players from ditching a match.
every match I go into someone always dies instantly for no reason, sometimes several on both teams.


I agree crew lock is unjustified in many cases, but i think TK should get account lock for1hr fot doing so at start of match at AF

If this is the case just let him kill you and dont J out like monkey.

Btw if you are last alive you can atleast gamble with head-on…

Yes that would be a fix for that even I have been TK’ed on takeoff for no reason. It used to be a big problem when they added the A10 cause players just had to BURRRRT on takeoff, more often than not they TK’ed many on takeoff.

It seems this range have been severly limited,… i have seen one j-out ing after he overshot me, and i got the kill instead of my teammate who sent a missile on him.

But anyway → i think that J-out should be allowed only after Severe Damage/Landing.

Therefore, i’m ok with people J-out (even if kill is distributed) but get a Timer-delay if It’s not within those conditions.

I see this as the result of non-sporting conduct/fun-killing retribution.

The fun of war thunder comes with your ennemy blowing up in pieces,… (kinda barbaric ^^") but if your ennemy bail out and gives up, it kills the fun in the play,… even more if your missile was about to hit, and that another Teammate recieves the kill for only making the ennemy to overshoot.

However, I’m not into making it longer,… because it is enough just to make people wait a little for doing it again → also helps not to rematch with those.

This is a super bad ideas because most of the time it is an an accident. Like I have had the Aim7f target a friendly after they flew in front of me, or like when your tailing an enemy with a friendly and launch a missiles but it ends up proxing on them. Another example is last week I was in ground RB and I sent off 15 mighty mouse without realizing that my squad mate was next to me he pulled left right into them. I get that it is annoying but an hour is a long time most people only have 1-2 hours to play a day.

Idk if you have any weapon training, but i keep my finger off the trigger till i need it

I added more

Also most missles go for the hottest target and sometimes they will relook on your friendly.

I mentioned at start at AF, when taking off

Yeah but still an hour is a really long time i would agree with like 10 minutes but no more than that