If a 152MM shell can be absorbed by a machine gun inside a machine gun port your damage model is broken

This game doesn’t model physics why even bother with tracks add hover tanks so I can glide around


They should add a tank with machine guns and optics instead of armor, it would make for a great goof event


Last time it was the T-34 driver hatch I heard, should have use it to cover your tank instead of ERAs.

Least hyperbolic rage post.

No this was a direct experience ingame. I shot a M4A3’s left turret cheek cause he was hull down and the shell failed to penetrate. I was in the ISU-152 at the time.

Yes it is well known that WT’s basic mechanics are broken.

If it’s known we can fix it.

“We” can’t. Only the devs can. Maybe make an offering or something.