Ideas/Concepts for War Thunder(Discussion)

Remove Same Country vs Same Country from Realistic Battles(I know its to “Balance” the matches but the US Gets nerfed harder than all the other countries while sure the US is still decent it is worse than the rest of the countries and it should have the same statistics as atleast what Wikipedia(I know its Wikipedia but it still has good information) has.)

Additions: F-4E(Late), F-4G Wild Weasel, F-14D Tomcat, F-14A Tomcat(in replace of the F-14A(Early)), F/A-18 Hornet(Legacy), F-14A+ Tomcat(Iranian F-14A+, Squadron Vehicle), MiG-25/31 Foxbat/Hound, Aircraft Carriers, Submarines, More Helicopters, More Naval(While sure its not really popular per say but if you add a bunch of naval stuff that actually looks good then it will get more popular), Aerial Refueling, Better Anti-Cheat software, The Iowa Class Battleships, Have more customizable things with Sim Matches(while the system in place is good there should, I feel, similar customizable ability to custom matches), Add Spall liners to Tanks that have it, F-117A Nighthawk, Make Ranks based on the year and that’s how match making would be versus the BR system, the BR system would still be there but as more of the average skill of everyone who use it, something I have noticed anyway is that Gaijin listens to Youtubers/Social Media People more than their own community in stuff like recommendations and listens to them more and they seem to be added more than forum users, Statistics of vehicles/equipment seem to be off, Better AI things where they actually engage with players, Make a category system on what years start where as to help with the match making system making it a little better(I think)

  • A US Air Main(What I have could be good and then the comment section should be a place of criticism and other ideas that should be considered too)

I think the MiG-25 hopes are extremely unrealistic. Its proven to be unreliable in real life, and if something doesn’t work in real life, then why should it work perfectly fine in this game. Just saying, its hard to implement a theoretical insanely good aircraft without factoring in the unreliability of it.

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Yeah I mean, Its unreliable but its an “idea” for a reason

Nice wishlist. For them to consider anything it needs to be in Suggestions. I will warn you that if you attempt to put this thread in that section it will not get approved because it is a wishlist.

Try to compressor start the engines, hmm, what’s that on the dashboard? Да пошла ты! Wanna close the canopy? Hope you brought a helmet. Try to use your rudder pedals? What’s that, the master caution? Oh yeah, the hydraulics don’t work!

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I opened a thread on the OV-10D+ bronco in the Machinery of War section if you wanna check it out, it’s a pretty cool piece of tech imo. Made a suggestion for it too. I want the F-14D in game bad as well.

Sadly, I don’t think stealth aircraft will ever be added to war thunder, as there is no way to balance it.

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Its probably because it says “I” a few times, and a couple other things

No, it’s because you have no idea how suggestions work in the forums. This section is for discussion, and Suggestions is for pitching ideas. Go take a look in that section to get an idea of what needs to happen for a proper suggestion and to check for ideas you put here that may already be posted.

I’ve tried a few times, they are pretty difficult to get approved, let alone passed.

MM should never be based on year or introduction date. It will be imbalanced and bad.

Yes, it is quite the process. I have a few that have been approved, but not necessarily implemented.

I am also not putting this as suggestion yet, because its for other ideas/input from others and for discussion and not for a complete suggestion.

Then your title is pretty misleading and the thread is just a wishlist.

Its a wishlist because I kinda meant it to be a wishlist

And how are we meant to discuss it? Go through one thing at a time in that wall of disorganized text? Many of the ideas have been discussed in other threads or are sitting as suggestions already. It’s just chaos that cannot be followed well, let alone discussed properly.

Claiming the USA suffer is delusional

Imho “realistic” and wt are 2 different topics (as reliability is realism) - wt shows exactly the opposite - we see crap irl planes performing way too good in wt just due to too low BR classifications and reliability plays zero role in wt.

Reliability in itself is hard to put into a video game and imho not a desired goal - as it kills the fun and the motivation to play for the target audience.

From a holistic pov reliability includes also product quality - you won’t enjoy a dogfight if your engine loses all of a sudden power as a result of sabotage by forced labour (like in a 109) - or the armour of your T-34 collapses by a “bounceable” shot due to wrong heat treatment of the armor of as this tank came out of a factory with known issues…

It depends on the tier / BR range. Feel free to check current WRs here: