Idea how to fix heli game play

heli suffers from lack of game play in RB. to easy to kill them . and cost to bring them into game.
and they are overpowered when using ATGM at range.
so cost of bringing heli multiple times in one game should be same cost as tanks when using dumb fired missiles.
cost more when using ATGM.
Second when heli flying nap of the earth should be immune to ground to air missile systems . They should be immune if heli stay under 200 ft. attitude. As well have a smaller radar signature for lock ons.
as well small arms fire shouldn’t be so devastating and kill heli so quick. 50 cal and larger should kill heli no issues. but smaller machine gun cal. should be doing so much less fast critical and killing damage.

Trees are your frenemy…

I don’t dislike this idea.

There’s already a mechanic like this, Proximity Fuses for most missiles are disabled under 25m unless you have radar/IRST track (I think, I have mixed experiences on both sides)

200ft. is excessive

We need to improve gamplay objective as a whole not just for heli.
The real reason that unguided rocket aren’t that much effective are because of repair system ingame which make “mission kill” aren’t much of a things.
And for the reason they get shot down quickly are because Helicopter can easily be spot due to third person view which gave everyone better visibility and that people can hear them flying close from miles away.

Even then helicopter still have some kind of unreliable damage model .
For example mainrotor can’t be damage by gunfire , explosive only by collide with others object (unless they change that) + rocket pod / ATGM rack can’t catch fire and explode (at least bomb does now)

To “improve” heli gameplay I think they should add others objective for heli to do instead . Like killing Ai infantry , APC , SPG , military placement inside battlefield or destroy enemys convoy of Ai from outside that try to enter battlefield (this would make unguided rocket much more effective). Even just transport supply or infantry into the battlefield or from point to point would be neat task to do.
There no need resolve this around “killing another players” only