Iberian Castle top tier, r u sirious?

So there is the heli pad that provides take off, hover and mow the whole spawn. and because it is so close it is placed behind a rock wall because…well yea tanks actually could shoot at it, roflmao. he simply needs to go up and down and since the KA´s missles fast enough to reach the target in 5 seconds the whole team has to spawn SPAA to have a slight chance to take it down, if he is allone. Meanwhile:
There is tanks that can shoot 4+km and right at spawn the objctive is just 600m away, 1200m for the enemy, makes an encounter in less than 15 seconds which simply overrun the team SPAA because if not killed by heli already we can now try to shake hands with T80´s.

Good job gajin!!! here we go again with “realistic vehicles” on “Coocooland maps with unicorns”…