I would wait

I would wait the extra time to get put into the proper tier. I don’t see the need to be uptiered or down tiered. It seems like there are enough people online during the day to make this happen.

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and that would happen, if match making wasnt designed in 2011, when the game got released, and hardly got updated in the process of continuation of this game.

the game is old. ways old. it was designed off an engine, designed for the playstation 3. updated and updated. code upon code, stapling on top of eachother, becoming garbage.

i mean, gaijin added the option to allow night maps in the map rotation. it broke the map rotation. that is how old and fragile this game has become.

people want a skill based matchmaking, so atleast newer players would not have to constantly face thousand hour players who know the game inside out. that is an impossible feat. gaijin is not capable of doing such a thing.

the current matchmaking, is simple. everyone who is available, gets thrown together. the only check there has to be, is whether or not, their line ups all fall within 1 BR range. thats it. easy.


welcome to the forums btw. your hopes and dreams will shatter quicker than sugar based glass in a michael bay movie.