I would like you to allow ps5 users to purchase Gaijin market items as well

PC users can purchase missed items through the Gaijin market. However, ps5 users have no way of getting reward equipment for past events such as the T-72M2 unless it’s a limited edition silver lion random boxes.

I want ps5 and xbox users to be able to purchase the Gaijin market items they want.

Even if you want to pay to purchase Gaijin market items, you don’t even have a chance to do that.
It’s a PS5 account, even if I access it on my computer, so I get a little sad whenever I’m restricted from entering the gaijin market.


that is a thing Sony and Microsoft do not allow so, no market for console

It’s not Gaijin that doesn’t want it. It’s a hard no-no in the Lincense Agreements of the playstation/microsoft stores

I want to deny the reality that the limited edition silver lion random boxes are the only way. I’m so sad.

Still, I hope Gaijin finds a legal way for console users to legally obtain past event gear.

just allow us to transfer our accounts over

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only those horrid SL boxes

They could release GE crates that contains said vehicles as rewards. It’s not like console drops would pour into the market anyways

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My thing is, the game is crossplay so I’m going to play with PC players that have all these OP premium vehicles that they bought off the market, but since I can’t access it with a console account I’m at a huge disadvantage, especially when the sav 20.12.14 )or whatever the heck its called) dominates early to mid tiers, just feels like a huge disadvantage

It’s not a market vehicle and you can get it once or twice per year by simply purchasing it with GE during limited promo events.