I wish they'd just give up with these dumb dancing trees

Continual tweaking has I admit, made the dumb trees less schizophrenic, but they still SUCK. Its all I see when I enter a game, its so immersion breaking.

Couple of tips for the developers.

  1. Wind blows in one direction at a time, and so trees next to each other shouldn’t be going in different directions.
  2. Tree movement from wind is smooth, elegant even, with the natural tension of the tree pushing back against the wind, not blowing around randomly like balloon men.
  3. When the rest of the environment doesn’t match hurricane conditions, madly jerking trees (in random different directions) does not look good.
  4. Fire whoever wrote these scripts because they SUCK. They don’t look natural and the game felt so much better without them. GIVE UP or pay someone good to start again. Seriously, its not that its a bad idea, but your implementation has just been terrible. PLEASE STOP!


I think the problem goes much deeper than you may think. I believe at some point in the past the programming code of the trees in the game became so sophisticated that they grew (pun intended) self-aware and are now sentient beings capable of independent action. As they are stuck in the ground and have no mouths, their seemingly chaotic movements is their only way to communicate. I am confident that they are indeed “dancing”, in a manner akin to communication between bees. Whether they are planning something nefarious, or merely trying to establish contact with us, remains to be seen. We just need to decipher their movements.


The dev who coded the tree animation was killed with tragic irony by running into a tree. He did not document his changes to the code and no one at Gaijin can find it amid all the spaghetti code and they can’t roll back the version because it would break the new functions added to the game before resolving the tree issue.


Fingers crossed they don’t start to uproot and join in battles… XD

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Please also make the trees not purple. I assume War Thunder is supposed to take place on Earth. We don’t have purple trees here.

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Someone posts pictures of some obscure species of tree in 3… 2…

Did some of us also mention that tree’s out of render distance is still like a rock.

Tree sway looks good makes it seem like there’s a storm coming, only thing I wish the sway was more dynamic so it picked up / calmed down.