I watched 4 and a half hours of Twitch and got the Barak skin but the F16C does not appear ingame

I watched 4 and a half hours of Twitch and got the Barak skin but the F16C does not appear ingame even though it was supposed to be available after only 2 hours. Any advice?


I have the same issue.

did you check inventory?

same problem, no skin shown up ingame yet, and yes i have my accounts linked properly, i do have previous TD skins

I got the F-16C skin but the barak skin doesn’t show up, I got both skins yesterday

Yeah same for me my twitch has been linked to my wt account for 3 years and never had a problem with drops before on my twitch drop page says I have the F16C & Barak but after 16 hours still nothing so hopefully it comes through.

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I linked it properly and haven’t received the skins for both the f-16c or the Barak.

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I didn’t receive anything either, account linked, not even looking at the inventory… I should have received both the f16c and the Israeli one

Me neither, account perfectly linked and everything, two skins claimed but no one show up on my invetory. I have the account linked like 1 or 2 years and I never had this problem but yesterday started. I tried unlinking and linking the account (after claiming the skins with the account perfectly linked) but nothing happened. I hope today this problems are fixed

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me too i didn’t get any

@Smin1080p Can you pass this thread to the developers please? There´s many people with troubles with the Esport stream rewards.

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Same problem. I have not received any camouflage.

I also only received 1 F16 skin despite twitch showing I’ve unlocked both.

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UPDATE: They´re working already on a fix for the Skins problem

@Dragondefuego76 @xTemplariusx @StarWarsNerd97 @Quasimodo91 @_Egg @TheKnightOfZero @DrFizz33 @Hu5o @M_GUN @Ñijo


Oh good, I was having trouble too.

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thx bro for reply

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I had a different problem. Today none of my watch percentage increased. I watched 60% worth yesterday and today it didnt increase at all. I was even talking in the chat and they kept saying it was delayed but it seems like people are talking about a delivery delay not a delay in the stream watch percentage. Can anyone confirm?

thats a twitch problem, not a gajin problem

no as twitch says they having nothing to do with drops being sent to the accounts that’s down to the company doing the drops as all they do is host the platform for it, also Gaijin mods have already said they are working it on!


Did anyone had anything yet?