I watched 4 and a half hours of Twitch and got the Barak skin but the F16C does not appear ingame

got the yak 141, but i am missing all the earlier rewards lol

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dang, got nothing at all :(

question did you use autoclaimer?, weirdly enough the yak141 was the one i wast fast enough to claim myself which i received

Be sure that you’ve linked your warthunder account with your twitch through the connections settings in twitch.

nah i manualy claimed all

ye i checked, account are linked

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welp that then, after 2 weeks u can write the support and claim the rewards trough that way

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akay thx for the tips

x2 Yesterday I get the Yak 141 Skin but nothing about the megaphone, F16 or the Barak

Been 72hrs since I claimed the F-16C and Barak II skins, still no trace of them.
Claimed Yak-141 skin and Megaphone last night and got them instantly, I made a support ticket.

Yeah i got the megaphone but nothing else so hopefully it gets worked out soon-ish

Unlikely, seeing gaijin’s track record of Not fixing Issues for 7years+

Will Prob take them 4months to fix this Issue.

Any word from the devs?

I got the Barak camo coupon and the megaphone decorator (decorator was instantly activated on my account, not a coupon). But the other two camos (I assume these are also coupons) are AWOL

Yeah i got the megaphone but negat skins so just waiting for gaijin to hopefully fix that

Claimed all twitch drops, not one recieved ingame. Previous drops worked fine.

didnt get anyone, from F16C to Yak141

Same. I got the Israeli one but not the US one.

I also watched plus 6.5 hours of the stream but I didn’t receive any of the twitch drops in game.
anybody got any news on how to fix this?

Didn’t receive anything too. Got a response from a support ticket i made today, they say that they’re aware of this issue and are working on a solution