I wasted another 20 euro, how 2 play pls men . .

cause of the amazing br changes the dauphine sits at 6.0 and faces constant uptiers, where a panther has 0 armour and thusly the dauphine has nothing going for it, how the fuck do i use it? how does one do anything at 6.0-6.3 when you will never be on your tier, and you will only face tanks that have 2x your armour, 2x your gun? do i honestly just have to get lucky and only flank, i.e. the most boring kind of gameplay imaginable?

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6.0 and faces constant uptiers

Whole number BRs always get the fewest uptiers, not constant ones. It gets weaker as an effect the further you go up, but it’s still a thing at 6.0

I’ve spent more time than i should have measuring and modeling it, and it’s always the .0 BRs that are best, then 0.3, and 0.7s the worst. the effect gets more extreme as you go downward, so I believe the root cause is actually simply a ripple effect from the fact that games are not allowed to launch at 1.0, 1.3, or 1.7, only 2.0, and that causes a repeating echo pattern at whole number BRs for at least halfway up the tree.

At 2.0, the effect is so strong that at certain times of the week etc., that when I measured, I actually got a lower average BR of the match in a 2.0 lineup than I do in a 1.7 lineup

Don’t buy anymore premiums(for now).They arent going to make you good at the game.I would recommend you to watch your replays to figure out what mistakes are getting you killed.
Also try to use other types of tanks(SPH,SPG,SPAA) for a while.That could reduce your frustration.Frustration often leads to bad performance.

The BR changes for the Dauphine are definitely a complaint, but I wouldn’t say uptiers are the biggest one.
6.0 is an odd placement for it since 5.7 used to be a very good spot for it and I was actually going to buy it this sale cycle before it changed.

bless your autism fine fellow, that is really odd, i think my main issue is i have ~3.7 done on france, but im currently gonna do 6.0, and i mean right after i said this shit i got an actually on tier game and obliterated, so makes sense… my 6.3 china lineup gets way worse amounts of uptiers and at the very least soviet tanks + an m18, and the zsd (literally best spaa below 8.0, fight me.) are mwuah against tig 2’s, id only say jagd whatevers are sorta annoying but it feels good to put down a jagdpanther for exposing 2° of his side

yeaa, i try and decompress after every game considering my anger issues which lead to me posting here LMAO, at least even in frustration people here acc help? so i mean if anyone who dunks on me usually is reading this, thanx much, but imo im average-alright at the game when im not mad, the brs im most used to (1.3-~7.0 nd 9.0 cus of the wma, obj122 and z-11w), i know the enemies p well, i believe the shit i gotta do is play with actual strats in mind and with escape plans, yknow, the usual, but shooting at tanks doesnt change much thruout the game imo

im thinking of also buying a pack or some ge on the christmas sale, i have ~2k ge left and at that point i could get a top tier prem for whatever nation i feel like alongside a med tier (maybe for the us, cus i dont play that shit or the alternative is maybe the ussr?, i think about it when i get to china top tier and france cw), but when the dauphine is at 6.0 it fucks ,and it fucks hard. (6.3 too ofc), the old addage of germans cant kill a panther is false at this point cus any old schmuck can ufp a panther nowadays, which saddens me, but thats why we use it like a td

France has other good techtree tanks as well.Use them instead of dauphine.

im at 3.7 on the normal tt so ill use the dauphine w some friends up until i get 6.7 on the normal tt, now thats gonna be real good, the guns r crazy nice (then ill make up a 6.0 lineup so i can get all of rank 4)

You should try to grind those 6.0-7.0 french heavy tanks.They are really good.