I was banned mistakenly for using malicious software on ps5 which isn't possible

As mentioned in the topic, I received a message when I logged into my account on my playstation 5 that my account has been permanently banned for violating the unsportsmanlike conduct clause which prohibits use of malicious software.

I play war thunder on a playstation and I always have. I use my PS4 and ps5 to play the game. So there’s no way I can use software to gain advantage. Even if there’s a way to do it on the playstation, I’ve never done it.

This is a case of mistaken ban. I’ve played war thunder for 8 years and purchased a lot of premium vehicles and put in nearly 8000 hours into the game. This is a huge blow for me because I’ve worked my way to unlock tanks for years. I’d like my account to be restored because I believe it was banned mistakenly. I’m uploading the message I received from war thunder.

You will have to open a support ticket. No one here can assist with the issue.

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Two posts from two different accounts metioning playstation getting banned for using bots. Sounds like you outed yourself.

Or there is a major conspiracy afoot!

Anywho, this is not the place to resolve your issue.

➤ In case you suspect someone else took control over your account (and got it into trouble…) please contact Support .

Make a support ticket HERE .
but i would not get my hopes up, they manually check, so if you have in fact cheated there is no use in trying to appeal as they will see it.

You guys don’t take think before you speak, do you? Outed myself? I play on the PlayStation off and on. You think I’m going to go out of my way using my amazing hacking skills to rig a state of the art locked console only to get a few skills?

I am not going to comment on whether you cheated or not. I do not know the specifics of it so I cannot attest to whether or not you did. However, what I think they are saying is that either you have botted PS (you can say it’s impossible but the lengths people will go to over videogames is shocking) or that you are not being truthful about actually playing on PS. To be clear, I am not saying that you are lying. I don’t know if you are and I can’t make a judgement on that, but I think that is what they are trying to say.

As @Necronomica said, please file a support ticket here.

Didn’t get this part…did you EVER play on a PC?
(Using the PSN account, of course)

Just found your other topic…if your account was used on a PC the text of this topic becomes plain wrong. You HAVE AN ISSUE, but it is NOT what this topic states.

AFAIK it is STILL NOT possible to hack in the PS5 BUT that is NOT the reason wht you were banned.

There was a device, the Cronus Zen, that people used to basically cheat in games like Call of Duty. It’s been banned by Sony and MS, but who know maybe people still use it and it can be configured for War Thunder.

I accessed my account from a pc in 2021 to download a couple of replays which Gaijin acknowledged. They asked me for my CPU specs which matched their records.

They also probably verified and realized that there was no login from my PSN account in 2023 during which someone was using my account from a pc from a random IP address. I also gave them my real name and location so they know I actually live in the city where my IP location is showing. I even told them to access my LinkedIn professional profile and my company website etc.

Someone hacked into my account in 2023 when I wasn’t playing at all. They most probably did it through Gaijin servers because there’s no way someone would hack my pc when I haven’t used wt on it for nearly 3 years. Gaijin realized it especially when I informed them that they might be breaking EU consumer laws.

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This is why you enable two-step authentication for both your PlayStation and war thunder. The first time I saw war thunder had to be somewhere in 2015. I saw it was available on PlayStation and on PC. But unfortunately I was on Xbox. There was speculation at the time that eventually it would come to Xbox. So thinking ahead I created a forum account. Now I had no way to play the game at the time being an Xbox user. But lo and behold that account got compromised. And that’s when I started using two-step authentication. Haven’t had an issue since. Just some friendly advice if you haven’t done it already. Happy to see a positive outcome from this.


If you can’t prove weren’t you then can be considered like account share

lol 🤦

in that case there should be huge amount of hacked accounts, a big news warning on site to players to use 2 step verification, etc

You mean like the one that is posted on EVERY Fairplay post?