I want to talk about something we all need!

Hi and welcome in my topic, i need to speak about something that for me would be a HUGE evolution for war thunder in ground battle !

WE need a gamemode where there is only ground vehicules who fight ground vehicules, i think it will be better for the game is futur and for us player !

Follow me if you think the same and RAISE your voice so we can make this happend.



There’s already a few hundred threads on this topic and they usually go nowhere.


i see

we need more

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you are in the wrong path my friend

I believe you’re playing the wrong game my friend.


No i believe what you propose would tear up a part of the foundation that makes War thunder competetive against other games of the same genre. Did you consider that?


If they make a tank only mode, I’m moving on. It’s the only reason I even spend money on this game is for the unique combined air/ground aspect of it. Besides, what the hell am I going to do with my SPAAs?


How NOT to get changes. Spam a 100000 threads all asking for the exact same thing. They have been for years, it aint happening. Combined arms is the entire point of WT


“you are in the wrong path my friend” lmao

This post will probably be moved or closed as its duplicated.Saying that it is another name added to the petition for CAS only.

Would it kill Gaijin to have a no CAS day once a week? As a CAS user in GRB I would fully support it.

They have no cas days. But it only seems to take place when i decide to play spaa


No, if you want to play grb with plane and heli go but for me and i think a lot of people we need a gamemode with only ground vehicules, its the diversity that delights players.

May I suggest; Steel Beasts, GHPC.

If CAS is what “makes war thunder competitive” and everyone love love loves it to little pieces, then why do only 10% of players choose to play game modes where you can main CAS? https://archive.ph/89mMA

Any mode with CAS mains and strong CAS is actually incredibly UN-popular. Ground AB–the one without the CAS mains and with CAS nerfed in like 7 different ways–is 3.5x more popular than Ground RB.

The only possible way it’s “making War Thunder more competitive” is by tricking people who haven’t played the game yet and think it SOUNDS cool to download, before they actually play it and find out it’s horrible and switch to a mode without CAS mains like 90% of other players. It can continue to serve that role by merely existing, no matter how many players it has in the mode or has or hasn’t lost to other modes.

“Entire point of War Thunder” yet only 10% of people play it 😂

If they make a tank only mode, I’m moving on. It’s the only reason I even spend money on this game is for the unique combined air/ground aspect of it. Besides, what the hell am I going to do with my SPAAs?

Uhh, you would use them in the combined arms ground mode… which would still exist. Obviously.

He said to add a ground only mode, not to REMOVE any current mode. The only reason you think that you’d not be able to play the old mode is if you already admit and realize that it’s not fun and bad, and that it can only run on a captive, forced audience. In which case you just admitted this is a great idea.


    1. “CAS is super fun and what makes War Thunder unique and amazing and it’s why everyone is here”, or
    1. “I’m worried about everyone immediately abandoning the game mode with CAS the second an alternative exists”

They can’t both be true at once lol

If you’re looking for tank only, then you’re playing the wrong game bucko. Feel free to move along to " greener " pastures.

5+ years of countless threads of people who complain about CAS but refuse to improve their diversity skill and guess what? They’ve never gotten what they want. Why? Because they don’t deserve to.

And also? Tank only is not Gaijin’s vision for War Thunder. Their vision for War Thunder in regards to ground and naval has always been combined arms. It sets it apart from it’s competition and makes it unique.

You got a problem with that? Too bad. Either adapt, die, or go somewhere else.

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So go play World of Tanks then