I want to get refund for GE jet I purchased

I bought the german premium G 91 R/4 and it is absolute piece of shit at it’s BR so I want to get refund I don’t care if I get just half of the GE I just don’t want to see the plane ever again. Is there a way that I can get a refund?

You already played it?

I have 363 battles

F, afaik you cant get a refund then.

Not even like 1/10 the price?

Afraid so.

: / Can I somehow connect with some admin or smth?

no because they don’t process refunds. Don’t bother.

To be honest, maybe if you had like 1 or 5 battles at max, and even then it would be BIG maybe, but with 300+?

No chance. Save yourself some time.

I remember I kept seeing this G.91 in ground battles and my tank has high death counts from it, not sure if it’s the same model or not, it basically does what A-4E could do if I look at the kill cam.

Nope different model this one has only two 500lb bombs

It took you 300+ battles to figure out that you didn’t like the plane 😂. You can still ask, make a support ticket and specify all that, they still might, but they’d probably take away all SL and RP earned. I accidentally bought something but got it refunded before I played it, got all GE back for that

It took you 363 battles and now you want to refund it? That’s not happening. You can go to customer support if you want but you’ll be screaming into the void and you’re not gonna get a refund.

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I can assure you that is no longer the case after nord nerf

Not a plane guy but I think it is the ones I remember when I play 9.3+, whenever they come after my tank I just instantly die with no warning lol feel exactly hopeless like getting nuked by A-4E, made me rage quit many times too. So I see it as one very effective ground attacker, but then I need to look at the replay again to see if I got the wrong plane again.

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Nah I’d played less then a dozen games in the srv premium wedge tank. The game model was broken, couldn’t aim, tank vibrated and shook around on uneven gound, would roll backwards if you turned while on a reverse slope. Completely unplayable.

Wouldn’t refund me.