I this guy cheating or was there delay in the game?

Hi everyone! I just had a match were I encounter someone either cheating or the game lagged and I got killed for it. Here’s the replay Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On and the players name is Leo522. It happened about 7:55-8:10. His barrel was out but he still was able to shoot and kill me. It was out on my screen and on the replay for me. Can anyone help me out discerning if he was cheating? Thanks in advance!

time is 2:00-5:30. Yes, it had a damaged barrel, but he repaired it. All he was left with was a damaged barrel animation. The game or replay is in a very bad state recently. Of course, if you want, use the report using server replay.

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Oh lol guess I can’t read.

Okay, I didn’t know. In the game it still was broken and then he shot me, so idk of it was cheats or not.

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