I thinl we should change the lvl 100 reward

i recently reached lvl 100 and got 1mil sl witch is not a lot i think we should get a free premium of chose or like 10k ge bec lvl 100 means u put 1000s of hours into the game and i think people would work towards lvl 100 more and so meaning better for warthunder. and if they did do that they can explore a new tech tree giving more experince and happier with the game leading to better reveiws and maybe them buying a diuffernt premium after getting 1 for free bec they expeince grind way faster and so they would buyt another one more likly


Almost all rewards for everything are bad, the amount of them that’s give you convertible RP as a reward is comical, rewarding you with the privilege of spending money on the game, especially with how bad the exchange rate is, thanks Gaijin.

Either way we shouldn’t heavily incentivize it because Gaijin already has no control over bots as it is, if you further reward bots for just farming XP in naval for thousands of matches it makes it even more appealing and rewarding to do so, we’ll just end up with thousands of more bots trying to get that 10k GE.

No idea why Gaijin never did anything with levels, even a basic prestige system would have been nice… or well I know why Gaijin never did anything with most things, but that aside…

A unique vehicle or something would be better than 1m sl. Which is nothing nowadays

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i think the bots should be banned


? ya

Opinions like this is why people like you should be elected as ruler of the entire planet.

(If the joke isn’t obvious, pretty much everyone thinks that bots should be banned.)

true i was just stating

Yeah, but they don’t get banned, cheaters don’t get banned, so that’s the reality of the game, and unless Gaijin can get control of the bots and cheaters, it’s a bad idea to implement things that would add to the problem…

i think a lot of em put forein really hard to read symbles like a asian lanbguege with mixed things then they have 5000 deaths in a premium warship with 1 kill

At this point I don’t know if Gaijin can’t ban bots or doesn’t want to ban bots because it’s pretty obvious where they’re at and how to find them, guess they spend a lot of money on the game…

Convertible RP rewards are just insulting lol. I’d rather just get SL than the rp.


I personally am against such a change, I’d rather see the lvl cap raised n some extra little rewards. You grind levels passively so I think the rewards r good enuf for what we get.

It’s a very old reward/system that hasn’t been updated or change since I have been here almost 10 years now. So . . may not seem as that big of a deal, but it was pretty exciting a long time ago . . just making it to lvl 100 was see as an accomplishment back then. It is different now.
I wouldn’t mind seeing this part of the game “overhauled” but not also the rewards specifically, but how about raising the lvl to 250 or even level 500. Base it off games played, make it retro active so long time players are easier to spot. ANd, of course a whole new line of rewards. Throw in some GE’s here and there, maybe a choice of a premium too . . . would make playing long term seem better. With me having over 50k games played already . . I could immediately go to lvl 500 and scoop ALL the rewards . . . . . woo woo! . . yeah that sounds like an even better idea . . . . LMAO
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I would prefer to see some more bonus for those who play this game for a very long time so players who started 140 days ago can still enjoy it. Lvl 100 can be reached fast but getting 5 or more years in this game really needs a big dedication.

you have the “veteran” decals, want even more ? damn greedy 😂

I got a veteran decal? For what? I don’t feel like a veteran … can I give it back?

you should have it, for logins, no you can’t its yours and you will enjoy it

purchase more premiums to feel like a vet, expensive ones gives more veterancy

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Thx for clearing it up for me.

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