I think we should look at some of the tasks and make some changes

I think the task “Through the fire” should be rewritten to include light tanks like the M26 and SPAA/SPG depending on the armor. The same for the mammoth hunter task, which should include the T28 and other heavy tank destroyers. Am I wrong? Would it make a difference or am I just being picky?

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No, not “wrong”, as it isn’t really a right or wrong issue really . . just different wants & needs of different players. The tasks are made in such a way as to be pretty generic or “vanilla” if you will. And this is so more players can have a chance to do them . . less “specific” if you will. And that is actually a good thing. But . . . . . lol, (here it comes) there are clearly some tasks that are out of touch/disconnected from what the players actually want and can do, in a “reasonable” amount of time/effort. They really can’t and shouldn’t make them too “easy”, but on the other hand a great many are more trouble & time consuming than they are worth. I do mine playing AB Air . . it is really needed to re-roll a great many tasks as far too many start with the word “Win” . . that one requirement makes the vast majority of those a no go, as they are totally dependent on your team cooperating to get the win . . . and we all know how that can turn out. Even with a 50% winrate, you can easily double or triple the numbers of games needed to do the task . . and usually a lot more, so I always re-roll those.
Most the numbers are just a bit much, but doable. Only one I would totally remove is the “Mission Maker” task . . . those are next to impossible to do in AB . . . just ain’t gonna happen. I have been told it is much easier to do in RB, but at any rate, it is just no a realistic expectation in AB & needs to be removed. Perhaps a comprehensive list of “acceptable” tasks might help the Devs make adjustments. The did some slight adjustments not long ago, but really . . . all those were for was to make some tasks . . less easy . . . lol. But I understand where you are coming from, I am a full time BP player and doing the tasks each day is about all I do anymore . . . which is ok, I enjoy it.


Use a more favourable BR for yourself, it’ll make things easier for you by not going up as high as you can.

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I’ve gotten Mission Maker several times in AB but NEVER when I needed it for a task. I see your point. I suggested this because I need to kill 40 light and medium tanks for the task. My first mission for the task I got 4 kills. 2 tigor Is and two TDs. It just felt like a waste of time. My first warbond task I got was for 120 crits. Now that one I liked TBH. I would love to get it again. Get in an SPAA and you get crits on aircraft a whole lot more than you do tanks.

I’m not a big fan of the top tier. I play the M51 and M51(W). It’s just not fun for me. I think the highest BR I go is 8.0 for tasks only.

I go low often… My Air AB lineup for R3 is 4.0 US, my ground RB is 5.7/6.0. I do put it down to as low as I can if I’m genuinely having trouble.

I get the first rank 2 task out the way as soon as I can so I have hours to do the Rank 3 task.

Also checking all modes, Ground RB and AB, as well as Air AB for me… ;)

Arcade Battles - 53,653 . . Mission Maker awards - 257 . . . . lol, better odds than hitting the lottery, but not by a lot . . . .