I think the reward system regarding Activity time should be looked at/reworked


I don’t think the majority of your RP should come from Time Played UNLESS you get this regardless of whether you do much or not. The current problem I have with the RP system is how if you don’t get to do many actions say, in Air RB, and the match ends; it then doesn’t matter how long you played for, only that you didn’t get a kill so you get nothing for your time. (since “time played” is linked to “activity time”)

There are a lot of situations where in air RB, if you fly defensive the whole match, play “bait” to set up kills for your team/squad, etc, and you DONT get a kill, you end up with no activity time.

“Activity time” is based on your position in the scoreboard and something something about time. So if you are way down at the bottom because the Snail didn’t like you that game, 0 x anything is still zero. So the real factor here is decouple “activity time” from the score. IDK how you do that for stuff that isn’t quantifiable already in the rewards stuff.

I understand what you mean, but look at it from another point of view, if they gave rewards while not doing anything like killing and running away and creating opportunities for others, or just flying around the map, you would find your games invaded by bots in the loop of a week

Except we’ve had this exact system in the game for many, many, MANY years before they removed it. We didn’t have rampant bots. You can also eliminate bots without having to eliminate GOOD gameplay like what I described.